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                                       SERVICE PROCEDURE                                          [W16B0] 3-2
                                                                                          16. Oil Pump Assembly

16. Oil Pump Assembly                                        5) Remove the inner and outer rotor.

1) Remove the oil seal retainer.
Also remove the O-ring and oil seal (air breather).


                                                                (A)   Outer rotor
                                                                (B)   Inner rotor

                                         B3M1834B            B: INSPECTION
   (A)   Oil seal retainer                                   1) Check seal ring and O-ring oil seal for breaks or
   (B)   Oil seal housing                                    damage.
                                                             2) Check other parts for dents or abnormalities.
2) Remove O-rings from oil pump housing.                     3) Selection of oil pump rotor assembly
CAUTION:                                                        (1) Tip clearance
Be careful not to damage O-ring.                                Install inner rotor and outer rotor to oil pump.
                                                                With rotor gears facing each other, measure
3) Remove the four seal rings.                                  crest-to-crest clearance.
CAUTION:                                                     Tip clearance:
Be careful not to damage seal ring.                               0.02 -- 0.15 mm (0.0008 -- 0.0059 in)

   (A)   Seal rings
                                                                (2) Side clearance
4) Remove the oil pump cover.                                   Set a depth gauge to oil pump housing, then
NOTE:                                                           measure oil pump housing-to-rotor clearances.
Lightly tap the end of the stator shaft to remove the        Side clearance:
cover.                                                           0.02 -- 0.04 mm (0.0008 -- 0.0016 in)

                                          B3M1835                                                     B3M1838

3-2   [W16C0]                              SERVICE PROCEDURE
16. Oil Pump Assembly

  (3) If depth and/or side clearances are outside              

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