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Rear Differential Member

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                                  REAR DIFFERENTIAL MEMBER

7. Rear Differential Member                              2) Insert the DOJ of rear drive shaft into rear differ-
1) Set the vehicle on a lift.                            NOTE:
2) Disconnect the ground cable from battery.             Before inserting, replace the differential side oil
3) Move the selector lever or gear shift lever to "N".   seal with a new one.
4) Release the parking brake.                            ST 28099PA090 SIDE OIL SEAL PROTEC-
5) Loosen the wheel nuts.                                                    TOR
6) Jack-up the vehicle and support it with study
7) Remove the wheels.
8) Remove the rear exhaust pipe and muffler.
Non-turbo model
Turbo model                                                                                      ST
 and                                          3) Hereafter, install in the reverse order of removal.
9) Remove the rear differential front member.
                                                         C: DISASSEMBLY
When removing the rear differential front member,        NOTE:
work the removal procedure as rear differential.         Clean the rear differential member before disas-
10) Remove the differential rear member.                 1) Remove the bolt (A) and (B) which connect front
                                                         differential member and differential mounting
B: INSTALLATION                                          bracket.
Install in the reverse order of removal.
1) Position the front member on body by passing it
under the parking brake cable and securing to rear
When installing the rear differential front member,
do not confuse the installation sequence of the




                                 REAR DIFFERENTIAL MEMBER

2) Remove the dynamic damper from front differen-       4) Tighten the nut of connecting bolt (A).
tial member.
                                                        Tightening torque:
                                                          70 N

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