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Steering Gearbox

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                                       STEERING GEARBOX
                                                            POWER ASSISTED SYSTEM (POWER STEERING)

5. Steering Gearbox                                     10) Remove the one pipe joint at center of gearbox
                                                        assembly, and connect vinyl hose to pipe and joint.
A: REMOVAL                                              Discharge fluid by turning the steering wheel fully
1) Set the vehicle on a lift.                           clockwise and counterclockwise. Discharge fluid
2) Disconnect the ground cable from battery.            similarly from the other pipe.
3) Loosen the front wheel nut.
4) Lift-up the vehicle, and then remove the front
5) Remove the under cover.
6) Remove the sub frame. 
7) Remove the front exhaust pipe assembly. (Non-
turbo model)

Be careful, the exhaust pipe is hot.                           (1) Pipe A
8) Using a puller, remove the tie-rod end from                 (2) Pipe B
knuckle arm after pulling off cotter pin and remov-
ing castle nut.                                         11) Remove the universal joint. 
                                                        12) Disconnect the lower pipe C from gearbox as-
                                                        sembly first, and upper pipe D second.

                                                                                   (1)      (2)

       (1) Castle nut
       (2) Tie-rod end                                                                            PS-00027

       (3) Knuckle arm
                                                               (1) Pipe C
9) Remove the jack-up plate and front stabilizer.              (2) Pipe D

                                                        13) Remove the clamp bolts securing gearbox as-
                                                        sembly to crossmember, and then remove the



       (1) Jack-up plate


                                                               (1) Clamp

                                          STEERING GEARBOX

B: INSTALLATION                                          6) After tightening the castle nut to specified
1) Insert the gearbox assembly into crossmember,         torque, tighten it further within 60

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