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Refrigerant Leak Check

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                                  REFRIGERANT LEAK CHECK

5. Refrigerant Leak Check                              CAUTION:
                                                       Carefully check the external surface of hoses
A: INSPECTION                                          and tubes at approx. 25 mm (0.98 in) per sec-
1) Operate the A/C system for approx. 10 minutes,      ond.
and confirm that the high-pressure side shows at
least 690 kPa (7.03 kg/cm2, 100 psi). Then stop the
engine to start the leak test.                                        (A)
2) Starting from the connection between the high-
pressure pipe and evaporator, check the system for
leaks along the high-pressure side through the
compressor. The following items must be checked
3) Check the joint and seam between the pressure
switch (triple pressure switch) and high-pressure
pipe.                                                                                             AC-00036
4) Check the connections between the condenser
and pipes, and welded joints on the condenser.                (A) Flexible hose
The leak tester may detect the oil on the condenser
fins as a leak.                                        10) Disconnect the drain hose from the heater
5) Check the joint between the compressor and          case, and check the hose end for at least 10 sec-
hoses.                                                 onds.
6) Check the machined area of compressor and           After the test is finished, reconnect the drain hose.
other joints on the compressor.                        11) Turn the ignition key to ON position, and run
7) Check the compressor shaft seal at the area         the blower at high speed for 1 minute. Stop the
near the center of compressor clutch pulley.           blower to check the ventilation grille on the instru-
Some shaft seals show a slight amount of leakage       ment panel. While moving the tester closer to the
about 10 g (0.4 oz) per year. This is not a problem.   grille, run the blower for 1 or 2 seconds, then stop it.
                                                       Check the grille at that point for at least 10 seconds.
8) Starting from the connection between the low-
pressure pipe and evaporator, check the system for
leakage along the low-pressure side through the
compressor. The following items must be checked

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