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Working Precautions

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                                     WORKING PRECAUTIONS
                                                                                              WIRING SYSTEM

2. Working Precautions                                  To connect, insert the connector until it snaps and
                                                        confirm that it is tightly connected.
   WITH THE PARTS MOUNTED ON                                  Example

   THE VEHICLE                                                     LIFT                        PUSH
1) When working under a vehicle which is jacked-
up, always be sure to use safety stands.
2) The parking brake must always be applied dur-
ing working. Also, in automatic transmission mod-
els, keep the select lever set to P (Parking) range.
3) Be sure the workshop is properly ventilated
when running the engine. Further, be careful not to
touch the belt or fan while the engine is operating.
4) Be careful not to touch hot metal parts, especial-
ly the radiator and exhaust system immediately af-
ter the engine has been shut off.
B: PRECAUTIONS IN TROUBLE DI-                                             LIFT

1) The battery cable must be disconnected from
battery's (-) terminal, and the ignition switch must
be set to OFF position, unless otherwise required
by the diagnostics.
2) Securely fasten the wiring harness with clamps       6) When checking continuity between connector
and slips so that the harness does not interfere with   terminals, or measuring the voltage across the ter-
body end parts or edges and bolts or screws.            minal and ground, always contact tester probe(s)
3) When installing the parts, be careful not to catch   on terminals from the wiring connection side. If the
them on the wiring harness.                             probe is too thick to gain access to the terminal, use
4) When disconnecting a connector, do not pull the      "mini" test leads.
wires, but pull while holding the connector body.       To check water-proof connectors (which are not ac-
                                                        cessible from the wiring side), contact test probes
            Correct                                     on the terminal side being careful not to bend or
                                                        damage terminals.



5) Some connectors are provided with a lock. One                 Tester probes        "Mini" test leads
type of such a connector is disconnected by push-
ing the lock, and the other, by moving the lock up.
In either type the lock shape must be identified be-    7) Sensors, relays, electrical unit, etc., are sensi-
fore attempting to disconnect the connector.            tive to strong impacts.
                                                        Handle them with care so that they are not dropped
                                                        or mishandled.


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