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22.Suspension                                              If the front wheel toe-in is not at specified value, ad-
                                                           just the toe-in. 
1) Jack-up the vehicle until front wheels are off                        (A)
2) Next, grasp the bottom of tire and move it in and
out. If relative movement (B) is observed between
the brake disc cover (A) and end of transverse link
(D), ball joint (C) may be excessively worn.


                                                                  (A) Dust seal

                                                           2. TRANSVERSE LINK'S REAR BUSHING
                                                           Check oil leaks at around liquid-filled bushing. If oil
                                    (A)                    leaks, replace the bushing.
                   (C)      (B)
                                          PM-00057                             (A)
3) Next, grasp the end of transverse link (C) and
move it up and down. Relative movement (A) be-
tween the housing (D) and transverse link boss in-
dicates ball joint (B) may be excessively worn.


                                                                  (A) Rear bushing
                                                                  (B) Transverse link
                                                           3. WHEEL ARCH HEIGHT
                    (B)                                    1) Unload cargoes and set the vehicle in curb
                                          PM-00058         weight (empty) condition.
4) If relative movement is observed in the immedi-         2) Then, check the wheel arch height of front and
ately preceding two steps, remove and inspect the          rear suspensions to ensure that they are within
ball joint. If free play exceeds standard, replace the     specified values. 
ball joint.              3) When the wheel arch height is out of standard,
5) Damage of dust seal                                     visually inspect the following components and re-
Visually inspect the ball joint dust seal. If it is dam-   place deformed parts.
aged, remove the transverse link. 

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