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Front Oxygen (AF) Sensor

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                                 FRONT OXYGEN (A/F) SENSOR
                                                                     FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)

14.Front Oxygen (A/F) Sensor                         7) Apply SUBARU CRC or its equivalent to the
                                                     threaded portion of front oxygen (A/F) sensor, and
A: REMOVAL                                           leave it for one minute or more.
1) Disconnect the ground cable from battery.
                                                     SUBARU CRC (Part No. 004301003)
                                                     8) Remove the front oxygen (A/F) sensor.
                                                     When removing the oxygen (A/F) sensor, wait
                                                     until exhaust pipe cools; otherwise, it will dam-
                                                     age exhaust pipe.


2) Disconnect the connector from the front oxygen
(A/F) sensor.



3) Disconnect the engine harness fixed by clip (A)
from the bracket (B).



4) Remove the front right side wheel.
5) Lift-up the vehicle.
6) Remove the service hole cover.


                                     FRONT OXYGEN (A/F) SENSOR

B: INSTALLATION                                       7) Connect the connector of front oxygen (A/F)
1) Before installing front oxygen (A/F) sensor, ap-   sensor.
ply anti-seize compound only to the threaded por-
tion of front oxygen (A/F) sensor to make the next
removal easier.
Anti-seize compound:
  SS-30 by JET LUBE
Never apply anti-seize compound to protector
of front oxygen (A/F) sensor.
2) Install the front oxygen (A/F) sensor.
Tightening torque:                                    8) Connect the battery ground cable to battery.
  30 N

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