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Cylinder Block

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                                        CYLINDER BLOCK

20.Cylinder Block                                    ST   18332AA010 OIL FILTER WRENCH (Outer
                                                                         diameter: 65 mm (2.56 in))
A: REMOVAL                                           15) Remove the oil cooler.
Before conducting this procedure, drain the engine
oil completely if applicable.
1) Remove the intake manifold. 
2) Remove the V-belt.                                                  (A)

3) Remove       the crank     pulley.                                     (B)

4) Remove the timing belt cover. 
5) Remove the timing belt assembly. 
6) Remove the cam sprocket. 
7) Remove the crank sprocket. 
8) Remove the generator and A/C compressor with
their brackets.
9) Remove the cylinder head assembly. 
                                                            (A)    Adapter (1)
10) Remove the clutch disc and cover. 
                                                            (C)    Adapter (2)
11) Remove the flywheel.                                               (D)    Oil cooler
ST 498497100          CRANKSHAFT STOPPER                    (E)    Oil cooler connector

                                                     16) Removal of oil pan:
                                                        (1) Turn the cylinder block with #2 and #4 piston
                                                        sides facing upward.
                                                        (2) Remove the bolts which secure oil pan to
                                                        cylinder block.
                                                        (3) Insert an oil pan cutter blade between cylin-
                                                        der block-to-oil pan clearance, and then remove
                                                        the oil pan.
                                                        Do not use a screwdriver or similar tool in place
                               ST                       of oil pan cutter.
                                                     17) Remove the oil strainer stay.
12) Remove the oil separator cover.                  18) Remove the oil strainer.
13) Remove the water by-pass pipe for heater.        19) Remove the baffle plate.
14) Remove the oil filter.                           20) Remove the water pipes.
ST 18332AA000 OIL FILTER WRENCH (Outer               21) Remove the water pump.
                    diameter: 68 mm (2.68 in))       22) Remove the oil pump from cylinder block.
                                                     Use a flat-bladed screwdriver as shown in the fig-
                                                     ure when removing the oil pump.

                                                             CYLINDER BLOCK

Be careful not to scratch the mating surface of
cylinder block and oil pump.









 (1)   Service hole plug                               (3)   Circlip                  (5)       Service hole cover
 (2)   Gasket                                          (4)   Piston pin               (6)       O-ring

                                         CYLINDER BLOCK

23) Remove the service hole cover and service         29) Set up the cylinder block so that #1 and #3 cyl-
hole plugs using hexagon wrench [14 mm (0.55          inders are on the upper side, then remove the cyl-
in)].                                                 inder block connecting bolts.
                                                      30) Separate the cylinder blocks (LH) and (RH).
                                                      When separating the cylinder block, do not allow
                                                      the connecting rod to fall and damage the cylinder


24) Rotate the crankshaft to bring #1 and #2 pis-
tons to bottom dead center position, and then re-
move the piston circlip through service hole of #1
and #2 cylinders using needle nose plier.


25) Draw out the piston pin from #1 and #2 pistons
using ST.
ST 499097700        PISTON PIN REMOVER
Be careful not to confuse the original combina-
tion of piston, piston pin and cylinder.



26) Similarly remove the piston pins from #3 and #4
27) Remove the bolts which connect the cylinder
block on the side of #2 and #4 cylinders.
28) Back off the bolts which connect the cylinder
block on the side of #1 and #3 cylinders two or
three turns.

                                           CYLINDER BLOCK









 (1)   Cylinder block                (3)     Crankshaft                              (5)     Piston
 (2)   Rear oil seal                 (4)     Crankshaft bearing
31) Remove the rear oil seal.
32) Remove the crankshaft together with connect-
ing rod.
33) Remove the crankshaft bearings from cylinder
block using a hammer handle.
Do not confuse the combination of crankshaft
bearings. Press the bearing at the end opposite
to locking lip.
34) Draw out each piston from cylinder block using
a wooden bar or hammer handle.
Do not confuse the combination of piston and

                                             CYLINDER BLOCK









 (1)   Crankshaft bearing              (3)    Cylinder block                     (4)   Rear oil seal
 (2)   Crankshaft
CAUTION:                                                         CAUTION:

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