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Engine Coolant

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                                              ENGINE COOLANT

3. Engine Coolant                                       3) Warm-up the engine completely for more than 5
                                                        minutes at 2,000 to 3,000 rpm.
A: REPLACEMENT                                          4) If the engine coolant level drops in radiator, add
                                                        engine coolant to filler neck position.
1. DRAINING OF ENGINE COOLANT                           5) If the engine coolant level drops from FULL level
1) Lift-up the vehicle.                                 of reservoir tank, add engine coolant to FULL level.
2) Remove the under cover.                              6) Attach the radiator cap and reservoir tank cap
3) Loosen the drain cock to drain engine coolant        properly.
into container.
Remove the radiator cap so that engine coolant will
drain faster.


1) Fill engine coolant into the radiator up to filler
neck position.
Coolant capacity (fill up to "FULL" level):
  Non-turbo (AT) model
    Approx. 6.8 2 (7.19 US qt, 5.98 Imp qt)
  Non-turbo (MT) model
    Approx. 6.9 2 (7.29 US qt, 6.07 Imp qt)
  Turbo (AT) model
    Approx. 7.3 2 (7.72 US qt, 6.42 Imp qt)
  Turbo (MT) model
    Approx. 7.4 2 (7.82 US qt, 6.51 Imp qt)
The Subaru Genuine Coolant containing anti-
freeze and anti-rust agents is especially made for
Subaru engine, which has an aluminum crankcase.
Always use Subaru Genuine Coolant, since other
coolant may cause corrosion.
2) Fill engine coolant into the reservoir tank up to
FULL level.




                                                           ENGINE COOLANT

B: INSPECTION                                                          [Example]
                                                                       Assume that the engine coolant concentration must
1. RELATIONSHIP OF SUBARU COOLANT                                      be increased from 25% to 40%. Find point A, where
CONCENTRATION AND FREEZING TEM-                                        the 25% line of the engine coolant concentration in-
PERATURE                                                               tersects with the 40% curve of the necessary cool-
The concentration and safe operating temperature                       ant concentration, and read the scale on the
of the Subaru coolant is shown in the diagram.                         vertical axis of the graph at height A. The quantity
Measuring the temperature and specific gravity of                      of the engine coolant to be drained is 2.12 (2.2 US
the engine coolant will provide this information.                      qt, 1.8 Imp qt). Drain 2.12 (2.2 US qt, 1.8 Imp qt) of
                                                                       the engine coolant from the cooling system and
                                                                       add 2.12 (2.2 US qt, 1.8 Imp qt) of the undiluted
If the engine coolant temperature is 25

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