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Engine Oil

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                                                            ENGINE OIL

3. Engine Oil                                                     B: REPLACEMENT
                                                                  1) Open the engine oil filler cap for quick draining of
A: INSPECTION                                                     the engine oil.
1) Park the vehicle on a level surface.                           2) Remove six clips.
2) Remove the oil level gauge and wipe it clean.
3) Reinsert the level gauge all the way. Be sure that
the level gauge is correctly inserted and in the
proper orientation.
4) Remove it again and note the reading. If the en-
gine oil level is below the "L" line, add oil to bring
the level up to "F" line.
5) After turning off the engine, wait a few minutes
for the oil to drain back into the oil pan before
checking the level.
6) Just after driving or while the engine is warm, en-                                                      LU-00005
gine oil level may show in the range between the                  3) Turn the service hole cover counterclockwise.
"F" line and notch mark. This is caused by thermal
expansion of the engine oil.
To prevent overfilling the engine oil, do not add oil
above the "F" line when the engine is cold.

             (A)        (B)

                                                                  4) Drain the engine oil by loosening the engine oil
                                                      (D)         drain plug.

       (A)    Oil level gauge
       (B)    Engine oil filler cap
       (C)    Upper level
       (D)    Lower level
       (E)    Approx. 1.0 2 (1.1 Us qt, 0.9 lmp qt)


                                                                         (A) Drain plug
                                                                         (B) Oil filter

                                                                  5) Replace the drain plug gasket.

                                                       ENGINE OIL

6) Tighten the engine oil drain plug after draining           CAUTION:
engine oil.                                                   When replenishing oil, it does not matter if the
Tightening torque:                                            oil to be added is a different brand from that in
  44 N

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