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5-5  [W8A0]                           SERVICE PROCEDURE
8. Combination Switch

6) Remove two TORX nuts and then detach side               8. Combination Switch
airbag sensor (A) while disconnecting connector.
                                      A: REMOVAL
                                                           1) Turn ignition switch off.
                                                           2) Disconnect ground cable from battery and wait
                                                           for at least 20 seconds before starting work.
                                                           3) Remove lower cover. 
                                                           Disconnect airbag connector (AB3) and (AB8)
                                                           below steering column. 
                                                           Do not reconnect airbag connector at steering
                                                           column until combination switch is securely re-

7) Installation is in the reverse order of removal.
Discard the used TORX nuts. Use new TORX
nuts when installation.


                                                           4) Disconnect combination switch connectors
                                                           from body harness connector.
                                                           5) Set front wheels in straight ahead position.
                                                           Using T30 TORX bit, remove two TORX bolts.


                                                           6) Disconnect airbag connector on back of airbag
                                                           module.  Remove airbag
                                                           module, and place it with pad side facing upward.


                                     SERVICE PROCEDURE                                           [W8C0] 5-5
                                                                                          8. Combination Switch

7) Using steering puller, remove steering wheel.           C: INSTALLATION
CAUTION:                                                   CAUTION:
Do not allow connector to interfere when                   Failure to do this might damage roll connector.
removing steering wheel.
                                                           1) Before installing combination switch, check to
                                                           ensure that combination switch is off and front
                                                           wheels are set in the straight ahead position.
                                                           2) Install column cover and center roll connector.
                                                           3) Install steering wheel in neutral position. Care-
                                                           fully insert roll connector pin (A) into hole on steer-
                                                           ing wheel.
                                                           If steering wheel angle requires fine adjustment,
                                                           adjust tie-rod.

8) Remove steering column covers.
9) Removing three retaining screws, remove com-
bination switch.


                                                           4) Install airbag module and lower cover in the
                                                           reverse order of removal.


Before installing steering wheel, make sure to cen-
ter roll connector built into combination switch.
1) Make sure that front wheels are positioned
straight ahead.
2) Install steering gearbox, steering shaft and
combination switch properly. Turn roll connector
pin (A) clockwise until it stops.
3) Then, back off roll connector pin (A) approxi-
mately 2.65 turns until " " marks aligned.



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