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                              G2260BE1 (SGML)

1-3     [G5A1]                     GENERAL INFORMATION
5. Recommended Fuel, Lubricants, Sealants and Adhesives

5. Recommended Fuel, Lubri-                            ethanol for the proper operation of your
cants, Sealants and Adhesives                          SUBARU.
                                                       In addition, some gasoline suppliers are now
A: FUEL                                                producing reformulated gasolines, which are
                                                       designed to reduce vehicle emissions.
                                                       SUBARU approves the use of reformulated
SUBARU engines are designed to use only un-            gasoline.
leaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 AKI        If you are not sure what the fuel contains, you
or higher. [This octane rating is the average of       should ask your service station operators if their
the Research Octane and Motor Octane num-              gasolines contain detergents and oxygenates
bers and is commonly referred to as the Anti-          and if they have been reformulated to reduce
Knock Index (AKI).] Using a gasoline with a low-       vehicle emissions.
er octane rating can cause persistent and              As additional guidance, only use fuels suited for
heavy knocking, which can damage the en-               your vehicle as explained below.
gine. Do not be concerned if SUBARU vehicle            D Fuel should be unleaded and have an octane
sometimes knocks lightly when you drive up a           rating no lower than that specified in this manu-
hill or when you accelerate. See your dealer or        al.
a qualified service technician if you use a gaso-      D Methanol (methyl or wood alcohol) is some-
line with the specified octane rating and              times mixed with unleaded gasoline. Methanol
SUBARU vehicle knocks heavily or persistently.         can be used in your vehicle ONLY if it does not
2. UNLEADED GASOLINE                                   exceed 5% of the fuel mixture AND if it is ac-
                                                       companied by sufficient quantities of the prop-
The neck of the fuel filler pipe is designed to ac-    er cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors required
cept only an unleaded gasoline filler nozzle.          to prevent damage to the fuel system. Do not
Under no circumstances should leaded gaso-             use fuel containing methanol EXCEPT under
line be used since it will damage the emission         these conditions.
control system and may impair driveability and         D If undesirable driveability problems are ex-
fuel economy.                                          perienced and you suspect they may be fuel re-

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