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                     G2260BE1 (SGML)

                                PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                      [G2C2]     1-4
                                                                                  2. Pre-road Test Inspection

D The slope of hood is the same as the parts of          2. CHECK THE OPERATION OF DOOR
body surrounding it.                                     LOCKS
D The hood and weatherstrip stick fast to each           1) Close the door completely, lock it with the
other.                                                   key plate and pull the all outside door handles
                                                         to ensure the door does not open.
                                                         D Do not pull the outside door handle with
CHECK POINTS                                             greater force than necessary.
   1. Door "Open-close" operation                        D While inspecting the door and lock, check the
   2. Operation of door release and lock                 lock in the rear part of the door and the door
   3. Loose or damaged parts                             striker attached to the pillar.
   4. Position of door window glass
   5. Operation of power window switches
   6. Power door locking operation
   7. Operation of child safety locks
1) First open the door completely and then
close it fully by operating the inside door handle
from the driver's seat.
2) Repeat the preceding step two or three
times to see how the door opens and closes.
Pay attention to the operating effort, any abnor-                                                 B1H0034A
mal noise and positive operation.
3) Operate the outside door handle from the              2) Again operate the key plate to ensure the
outside and check how the door opens and                 door unlocks.
closes. Also, check that there is a uniform clear-       NOTE:
ance between the door and vehicle body with-             Replace the lock cylinder if it malfunctions.
out any grade difference.                                When the door lock seems to be operating
NOTE:                                                    slowly, lubricate the moving parts with grease or
D To examine the closed state and sinking of             oil.
the door, observe from the front right-hand door.        3) Vehicles with manual door locks:
D If the striker drags during opening when the           Sit in the driver seat, close the door completely,
outside door handle is pulled, adjust by relocat-        and move the lock lever to the lock position.
ing the striker.                                         Then, pull the inside door handle to ensure the
                                                         door will not open.
                                                         4) Vehicles with power door locks:
                                                         Sit in the driver seat, close the driver's door
                                                         completely, and place the door lock knob (A) to
                                                         the lock position. Then pull the all inside door
                                                         handles (B) to ensure that the all doors will not
                                                         For other doors, place the lock levers to the lock
                                                         positions and then pull the inside door handles
                                                         to ensure that the doors will not open.



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