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                    G2260BE1 (SGML)

                               PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                     [G2L2]     1-4
                                                                                2. Pre-road Test Inspection

   1. Fluid level in brake reserve tank
   2. Wiring of fluid leveller and its opera-
   3. Brake booster, master cylinder and
   pressure control valve for proper instal-
   lation; brake pipe, brake hose and con-
   nectors for proper fitting
   4. Leakage in any of the above                                                               S1H0066A
Recommended brake fluid
   FMVSS No. 116, fresh DOT3 or DOT4                    2. CHECK THAT THE BRAKE PIPES, HOSES
   brake fluid                                          AND CONNECTORS ARE IN GOOD CONDI-
CAUTION:                                                TION
D The fluid level must be kept at "MAX" level.          1) Brake fluid is not oozing or leaking from the
D Do not mix different brands of brake fluid.           brake fluid lines.
D When adding brake fluid, be careful not to            2) The connectors and clamps are not loose.
allow any dirt, water, or oil around the fluid          3) There is no possibility of the pipes and
tank to enter it.                                       hoses contacting the body or other mechanical
D Use special care not to spill any brake fluid         parts due to vibration during running.
on the vehicle's painted surfaces, because it
will quickly erode them. In case of an acci-
dent, wipe it off as quickly and as cleanly as
D Never use engine oil, gear oil, or any min-
eral oil.
D Use extreme care not to allow any water to
get into the fluid; water in the brake fluid will
lower the fluid's boiling point and cause va-
D If too much brake fluid is missing, check
the brake line for possible leakage.
D After adding brake fluid, any excess must
be stored in a tightly sealed container.
D When checking the operation of leveller,
use clean screwdriver or the like and be
careful not to allow dirt or dust to get into the
1) Remove filter from reservoir tank.
2) Check fluid leveller operation while pushing
it down with a screwdriver.



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