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                    G2260BE1 (SGML)

                              PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                  [G3G1]     1-4
                                                                                3. Road Test Inspection

                                                    CHECK POINTS
1) Spray windshield and rear window washers            1. Operation of foot brake and parking
to check the amount and positions to be                brake
splayed.                                               2. Operation of speedometer
                                                       3. Operation of clutch and gear shift
                                                       4. Operation of selector lever (Automat-
                                                       ic transmission)
                                                       5. Operation of steering and position of
                                                       steering wheel
                                                       6. Operation of turn signal cancel cam
                                                       7. Operation of ventilation system and
                                                       8. Abnormal noises or vibration
                                                       9. Operation of air conditioning
                                                       10. Operation of cruise control
                                                    1. CHECK THE FOOT AND PARKING
                                                    BRAKE'S OPERATION
                                                    Be sure to perform this test in a safe area.
                                                    1) Drive on a dry, level, paved road, and apply
                                                    normal braking. Look for uneven or improper
                                                    operation, or pulling to one side.
                                                    2) Press the brake pedal in two or three times,
                                                    and keep it fully depressed. Make sure that the
                                                    brake can be kept that way for at least five se-
                                                    conds. Also check for air in the brake system,
                                                    or brake fluid leakage.
                                       B1H0462A     3) Perform the adjustment of operating rod as-
                                                    sembly as follows:
2) If the washer fluid was not sprayed to the          (1) Be sure engine is off. (No vacuum is ap-
specified position, adjust the direction of the        plied to brake booster).
washer nozzle using a needle or the like. (Front       (2) There should be play between brake
washer nozzle only)                                    booster clevis and pin at brake pedal instal-
                                                       ling portion.
                                                       [Depress brake pedal pad with a force of
                                                       less than 10 N (1 kg, 2 lb) to a stroke of 1 to
                                                       3 mm (0.04 to 0.12 in).]

                             G2260BE1 (SGML)

1-4     [G3G2]                  PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION
3. Road Test Inspection

                                                         Standard parking brake lever stroke:
                                                             7 -- 8 notches/196 N (20 kg, 44 lb)


                                                         2. OPERATION OF SPEEDOMETER
                                                         Drive the vehicle at various speeds, and make
                                                         sure that the pointer of speedometer indicates
                                                         the position of each speed correctly.
                                                         3. CHECK THE OPERATION OF CLUTCH
                                                         AND GEAR SHIFTING
                                                         D Be sure to perform this test in a safe area.
                                                         D Do not repeat this test.
   (3) Depress the surface of brake pad by
   hand.                                                 NOTE:
   (4) If there is no free play between clevis           Carefully compare a normal clutch's operating
   pin and clevis, turn brake switch adjusting           sounds to the clutch being tested.
   nut until the clearance between stopper and           1) With the engine idling and the shift lever in
   screw of brake switch becomes 0.3 mm                  neutral, gradually depress the clutch pedal, to
   (0.01 in).                                            see if it generates any abnormal noise.
   (5) After adjustment, make sure there is no           2) Pull the parking brake lever completely out,
   brake dragging.                                       and place wheel chocks under the tires. Then
4) Pull the parking brake lever completely out,          depress the clutch pedal completely, and place
and check its operation. Also check the ratchet          the shift lever in 5th speed.
for normal functioning.                                  Raise engine rpm a little, gradually engage the
Check the parking brake lever stroke. If it is out       clutch, and see if the engine stalls.
of specification, adjust it by turning adjusting         If the engine stalls, it means that the clutch is not
nut (A) at parking brake lever.                          slipping.
                                                         3) Remove the wheel chocks, and return the
                                                         shift lever to neutral, then check the gear shift-
                                                         ing mechanism for excessive play.
                                                         4) Drive the vehicle at various speeds. While
                                                         depressing the clutch pedal completely, move
                                                         the gear shift lever into each position, and
                                                         check for any unusual play or unusual resis-

                     G2260BE1 (SGML)

                                PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                [G3G10]     1-4
                                                                                 3. Road Test Inspection

(AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION)                              AND HEATER
1) Place the selector lever in each position,         1) While driving, move the switch and dial into
and make sure that the pointer indicates the          each position, and check the ventilation sys-
position of each range correctly.                     tem's operation. Also check for unusual vibra-
                                                      tion or noises.
                                                      2) Move the temperature control dial and fan
                                                      switch, and make sure that warm air is dis-
                                                      charged into the compartment.
                                                      8. ABNORMAL NOISES OR VIBRATION
                                                      Be sure to perform this test in a safe area.
                                                      1) When starting the engine, and while driving
                                                      the vehicle, check the engine, transmission,
                                                      body, suspension, and steering system for any
                                         B1H0468A     unusual noises or vibration.
                                                      Do this when idling the engine, accelerating,
                                                      decelerating, and running at low, middle and
TION OF STEERING WHEEL                                high speeds.
                                                      2) Depress the accelerator pedal, and make
1) Check the steering wheel for free play.            sure that the engine rpm increase smoothly and
Steering wheel free play:                             that the vehicle accelerates smoothly.
    0 -- 17 mm (0 -- 0.67 in)                         3) While driving, turn the steering wheel right
                                                      and left to test the vehicle's stability and re-
                                                      9. OPERATION OF AIR CONDITIONING
                                                      Turn the air conditioning switch "ON", and make
                                                      sure that cool air is discharged into the
                                                      10. OPERATION OF THE CRUISE CONTROL
                                                      Check the operation of the cruise control ac-
                                                      cording to "Owner's manual".
                                                      Be sure to conduct driving tests using a
                                                      chassis dynamometer with front wheels set
2) With the vehicle moving straight ahead,
                                                      in operation, or tests on an authorized race
check for hard steering, shimmy, or other ab-
                                                      course or similar place.
3) Make a turn, and check for hard or heavy
steering wheel operation, or poor stability.
Make a right or left turn with the turn signal on,
and make sure that the turn signal switch re-
turns automatically to the OFF position when the
steering wheel is returned to the straight ahead


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