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2-5   [K100]                                      DIAGNOSTICS
1. Engine Cooling System Trouble in General

1. Engine Cooling System Trouble in General
      Trouble                                                                              Corrective action
                                                                       Replenish engine coolant, inspect for leakage, and
                 a. Insufficient engine coolant
                 b. Loose timing belt                                  Repair or replace timing belt tensioner.
                 c. Oil on drive belt                                  Replace.
                 d. Malfunction of thermostat                          Replace.
                 e. Malfunction of water pump                          Replace.
                 f. Clogged engine coolant passage                     Clean.
                                                                       Inspect and repair ignition control system.
                 g. Improper ignition timing
                 h. Clogged or leaking radiator                        Clean or repair, or replace.
Over-heating     i. Improper engine oil in engine coolant              Replace engine coolant.
                                                                       Inspect and repair fuel injection system.
                 j. Air/fuel mixture ratio too lean
                 k. Excessive back pressure in exhaust system          Clean or replace.
                 l. Insufficient clearance between piston and cylinder Adjust or replace.
                 m. Slipping clutch                                    Repair or replace.
                 n. Dragging brake                                     Adjust.
                 o. Improper transmission oil                          Replace.
                 p. Defective thermostat                               Replace.
                                                                       Inspect radiator fan relay, engine coolant temperature
                 q. Malfunction of electric fan
                                                                       sensor or radiator motor and replace there.
                 a. Atmospheric temperature extremely low              Partly cover radiator front area.
                 b. Defective thermostat                               Replace.
                 a. Loosened or damaged connecting units on hoses Repair or replace.
                 b. Leakage from water pump                            Replace.
                 c. Leakage from water pipe                            Repair or replace.
Engine coolant   d. Leakage around cylinder head gasket                Retighten cylinder head bolts or replace gasket.
leaks.           e. Damaged or cracked cylinder head and crank-
                                                                       Repair or replace.
                 f. Damaged or cracked thermostat case                 Repair or replace.
                 g. Leakage from radiator                              Repair or replace.
                 a. Defective drive belt                               Replace.
                 b. Defective radiator fan                             Replace.
                 c. Defective water pump bearing                       Replace water pump.
                 d. Defective water pump mechanical seal               Replace water pump.


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