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2-3   [W4A0]                         SERVICE PROCEDURE
4. Valve Rocker Assembly

4. Valve Rocker Assembly                                   CAUTION:
                                                           Arrange all removed parts in order so that they
A: REMOVAL                                                 can be installed in their original positions.
1) Disconnect PCV hose and remove rocker                   3) Remove nut and adjuster screw from valve
cover.                                                     rocker.
2) Removal of valve rocker assembly
   (1) Remove bolts (a) through (b) in alphabetical        C: INSPECTION
                                                           1. VALVE ROCKER ARM
                                                           1) Measure inside diameter of valve rocker arm
Leave two or three threads of bolt (a) engaged
                                                           and outside diameter of valve rocker shaft, and
to retain valve rocker assembly.
                                                           determine the difference between the two (= oil
                                                           Clearance between arm and shaft:
                                                               0.020 -- 0.054 mm (0.0008 -- 0.0021 in)
                                                               0.10 mm (0.0039 in)


  (2) Equally loosen bolts (e) through (h) all the
  way, being careful that knock pin is not gouged.



  (3) Remove valve rocker assembly.


                                                           2) If oil clearance exceeds the limit, replace valve
                                                           rocker arm or shaft, whichever shows greater
                                                           amount of wear.
                                                           Rocker arm inside diameter:
                                                               22.020 -- 22.041 mm (0.8669 -- 0.8678 in)
                                        B2M2606            Rocker shaft diameter:
                                                               21.987 -- 22.000 mm (0.8656 -- 0.8661 in)
B: DISASSEMBLY                                             3) Measure inside diameter of rocker shaft sup-
                                                           port and outside diameter of valve rocker shaft,
1) Remove bolts which secure rocker shaft.                 and determine the difference between the two (=
2) Extract rocker shaft. Remove valve rocker               oil clearance).
arms, springs, plates and shaft supports from
rocker shaft.

                                       SERVICE PROCEDURE                                            [W4D0] 2-3
                                                                                         4. Valve Rocker Assembly

Clearance between support and shaft:                          6) Check that valve rocker arm roller rotates
  Standard                                                    smoothly. If not, replace valve rocker arm.
    0.005 -- 0.039 mm (0.0002 -- 0.0015 in)
  Limit                                                       2. INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVE
    0.05 mm (0.0020 in)                                       ROCKER SHAFT
4) If oil clearance exceeds the limit, replace rocker         Visually check oil relief valve of shaft end for any
shaft support or shaft, whichever shows greater               of the following abnormalities.
amount of wear.                                               

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