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                                        DIAGNOSTICS                                                [T3B1] 2-7
                                                                                            3. Diagnosis System

3. Diagnosis System                                          4) When ignition switch is turned to ON (engine
                                                             off) or to "START" with the test mode connector
A: CHECK ENGINE MALFUNCTION                                  connected, the MIL blinks at a cycle of 3 Hz.
1) When ignition switch is turned to ON (engine
off), the CHECK ENGINE malfunction indicator
lamp (MIL) in the combination meter illuminates.
If the MIL does not illuminate, perform diagnostics
of the CHECK ENGINE light circuit or the combi-                                                     OBD0055A
nation meter circuit. 

                                                             B: OBD-II GENERAL SCAN TOOL
                                                             1. HOW TO USE OBD-II GENERAL SCAN
                                                             1) Prepare a general scan tool (OBD-II general
                                                             scan tool) required by SAE J1978.
                                                             2) Open the cover and connect the OBD-II general
                                                             scan tool to the data link connector located in the
                                                             lower portion of the instrument panel (on the driv-
                                         B2M3701C            er's side).
2) After starting the engine, the MIL goes out. If it
does not, either the engine or the emission control
system is malfunctioning.


                                                             3) Using the OBD-II general scan tool, call up
                                                             diagnostic trouble code(s) and freeze frame data.
                                                             OBD-II general scan tool functions consist of:
                                                                (1) MODE $01: Current powertrain diagnostic
3) If the diagnosis system senses a misfire which               data
could damage the catalyzer, the MIL will blink at a             (2) MODE $02: Powertrain freeze frame data
cycle of 1 Hz.                                                  (3) MODE $03: Emission-related powertrain
                                                                diagnostic trouble codes
                                                                (4) MODE $04: Clear/Reset emission-related
                                                                diagnostic information
                                                             Read out data according to repair procedures. (For
                                                             detailed operation procedures, refer to the OBD-II
                                                             General Scan Tool Operation Manual.)
                                                             For details concerning diagnostic trouble codes,
                                                             refer to the DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE (DTC)

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