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4-7   [W1A0]                          SERVICE PROCEDURE
1. Safety Precautions

1. Safety Precautions                                      B: COMPRESSOR OIL
A: HFC-134a AIR CONDITIONING                               Do not use any compressor oil that is not specifi-
                                                           cally designated for the HFC-134a air conditioning
SYSTEM                                                     system; only use ZXL200PG. Also, do not use
Component parts of the cooling system,                     HFC-134a compressor oil in the CFC-12 air condi-
refrigerant, compressor oil, and other parts are not       tioning system. If compression oils are mixed, poor
the same for the HFC-134a system and the older             lubrication will result and the compressor itself may
CFC-12 system. Do not interchange parts or liquid.         be damaged.
Vehicles with HFC-134a air conditioning systems,           Because HFC-134a compressor oil is very hygro-
use only HFC-134a parts that are indicated on a            scopic (easily absorbs moisture), when parts of the
label (A) attached to the vehicle. Before performing       air conditioning system are being removed, quickly
any maintenance, verify the type of air conditioning       install a blind plug to prevent contact with the out-
system installed in the vehicle.                           side air. Also, always make sure that the service
                                                           container for compressor oil is tightly closed except
                                                           when in use. Store compressor oil in a tightly
                                                           closed steel container.

                                                           C: REFRIGERANT
                                                           Do not put CFC-12 refrigerant into a HFC-134a air
                                                           conditioning system. Also, do not put HFC-134a
                                                           refrigerant into a CFC-12 air conditioning system.
                                                           If the wrong refrigerant is used, poor lubrication will
                                        B4M1817A           result and the compressor itself may be destroyed.


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