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4-3   [W4A0]                          SERVICE           PROCEDURE
4. Control Valve (Power Steering Gearbox)

4. Control Valve (Power Steering Gearbox)


(1) Power cylinder                     (3) Rack piston                           (5) Input shaft
(2) Cylinder                           (4) Rack axle                             (6) Valve housing

1. OIL LEAKING POINTS                                         2. OIL LEAK CHECK PROCEDURE AND
1) If leak point is other than a, b, c, or d, perform         REPLACEMENT PARTS
the 5th step in "OIL LEAK CHECK PROCEDURE                     NOTE:
AND REPLACEMENT PARTS" before dismounting                     Parts requiring replacement are described in the
gearbox from vehicle.  If                smallest unit of spare parts including damaged
gearbox is dismounted without confirming where                parts and spare parts damaged. In actual disas-
the leak is, it must be mounted again to locate the           sembly work, accidental damage as well as inevi-
leak point.                                                   table damage to some related parts must be taken
2) Even if the location of the leak can be easily             into account, and spare parts for them must also
found by observing the leaking condition, it is nec-          be prepared. However, it is essential to pinpoint the
essary to thoroughly remove the oil from the sus-             cause of trouble, and limit the number of replace-
pected portion and turn the steering wheel from               ment parts as much as possible.
lock to lock about 30 to 40 times with engine
                                                              1) Leakage from "a"
running, then make comparison of the suspected
                                                              The oil seal is damaged. Replace valve assembly
portion between immediately after and several
                                                              with a new one.
hours after this operation.
                                                              2) Leakage from "b"
3) Before starting oil leak repair work, be sure to
                                                              The torsion bar O-ring is damaged. Replace valve
clean the gearbox, hoses, pipes, and surrounding
                                                              assembly with a new one.
parts. After completing repair work, clean these
                                                              3) Leakage from "c"
areas again.
                                                              The oil seal is damaged. Replace valve assembly
                                                              or oil seal with a new one.
                                                              4) Leakage from "d"
                                                              The pipe is damaged. Replace the faulty pipe or

                                       SERVICE PROCEDURE                                          [W4B1] 4-3
                                                                       4. Control Valve (Power Steering Gearbox)

5) If leak is other than a, b, c, or d, and if oil is        B: DISASSEMBLY
leaking from the gearbox, move the right and left
boots toward tie-rod end side, respectively, with the        NOTE:
gearbox mounted to the vehicle, and remove oil               This section focuses on the disassembly and reas-
from the surrounding portions. Then, turn the steer-         sembly of control valve. For the inspection and
ing wheel from lock to lock 30 to 40 times with the          adjustment and the service procedures for associ-
engine running, then make comparison of the                  ated parts, refer to "Steering Gearbox". 
after this operation.                                        1. VALVE ASSEMBLY
   (1) Leakage from "e"
   The cylinder seal is damaged. Replace rack                1) Remove two bolts securing valve assembly.
   bush with a new one.
   (2) Leakage from "f"
   There are two possible causes. Take following
   step first. Remove the pipe assembly B from the
   valve housing, and close the circuit with ST.
ST 926420000 PLUG
   Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock 30 to
   40 times with the engine running, then make
   comparison of the leaked portion between
   immediately after and several hours after this
   operation.                                                                                        S4M0154

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