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                      LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

3-1     [M100]                 MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
1. General

1. General
The transmission provides five forward speeds and one reverse speed and utilizes a floor shift le-
ver design for gear selection. All forward gears are provided with synchromesh mechanisms that
utilize inertia lock-key designs.
The transmission is unitized with the differential and housed in an aluminum case which is unitized
with the clutch housing. The aluminum case is divided into left and right halves. Major features of
the transmission are as follows: The clutch shaft has been extended to form a mainshaft, the coun-
tershaft combines the function of the final reduction drive pinion shaft, and the hypoid gear is "off-
set" to form a compact power train design. The forward gears are helical and feature high tooth-
face strength, high engagement ratios and quiet operation. Reverse direction is achieved by
engaging a selective-sliding reverse idler gear with the drive gear on the mainshaft and the driven
gear on the 1st-2nd synchronizer hub of the drive pinion shaft. The 1st gear on the pinion side uti-
lize sub-gear to reduce noise.
It is a compact, "full-time" transmission that utilizes a center differential provided with a viscous
coupling at the rear of a transfer unit. The viscous coupling serves as a differential-action control.
The center differential utilizes a highly reliable, bevel gear. It not only delivers an equal amount of
drive power to both the front and rear, but controls the difference in rotating speed between the
front and rear wheels. A viscous coupling and center differential gears are located in the center
differential case to connect the front and rear wheel drive shafts. With this arrangement, the trans-
fer system realized a compact construction.
In addition, the viscous-coupling serves as a differential-action control to eliminate a mechanical
lock mechanism.

             LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                              MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                               [M100]    3-1
                                                                                                       1. General


(1) Main shaft                    (7) Extension                          (13) 1st driven gear
(2) 3rd drive gear                (8) Transfer drive gear                (14) Drive pinion shaft
(3) 4th drive gear                (9) Viscous coupling                   (15) Front differential ASSY
(4) 5th drive gear               (10) Center differential with viscous
(5) Transfer case                (11) Driven shaft
(6) Transfer driven gear         (12) 2nd driven gear


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