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                     LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

3-2    [M10A0]                MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
10. AWD Transfer System

10. AWD Transfer System
This is the electronically controlled MP-T (multi-plate transfer) type AWD transfer system, originally
designed for SUBARU, consisting of a transfer hydraulic pressure control unit incorporating a ve-
hicle speed sensor, control unit, and duty solenoid and a transfer clutch (hydraulic multi-plate
The control unit stores optimum transfer clutch torque data for a variety of driving conditions. When
actual driving conditions (vehicle speed, throttle opening, gear range, wheel slip, etc.) are de-
tected by various sensors, the control unit selects a duty ratio most suitable to the given condition
from the memory. It then controls the operation of the transfer clutch by means of the hydraulic
pressure which controls the duty solenoid and provides optimum rear torque distribution.
Various sensors and the control unit also serve as gear shift control, lock-up control and hydraulic
pressure control.

             LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                             MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                [M10A0]      3-2
                                                                            10. AWD Transfer System


(1) Thrust bearing               (10) Return spring            (19) Plug
(2) Needle bearing               (11) Transfer clutch piston   (20) Oil seal
(3) Snap ring                    (12) Rear drive shaft         (21) Dust cover
(4) Pressure plate               (13) Ball bearing             (22) Transfer clutch seal
(5) Drive plate                  (14) Seal ring                (23) Transfer clutch valve
(6) Driven plate                 (15) Gasket                   (24) Transfer valve plate
(7) Pressure plate               (16) Transfer clutch pipe     (25) Transfer duty solenoid
(8) Snap ring                    (17) Extention case           (26) Inlet filter
(9) Transfer piston seal         (18) O-ring

                       LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

3-2    [M10B0]                 MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
10. AWD Transfer System

The transfer unit consists of a hydraulic multi-plate clutch and a transfer hydraulic control system
incorporating a transfer duty solenoid, rear drive shaft, etc.
The transmission control unit has duty ratios memorized in advance according to running condi-
tions. In order to obtain the optimum transfer torque for the running condition, the oil pressure that
is applied to the drive plates and driven plates is controlled by applying oil pressure to the transfer
piston from the transfer oil pressure control device including the duty solenoid.
Also, the transfer clutch drum and rear drive shaft are joined to each other by welding. The rear
drive shaft has drilled oil passages for transfer clutch control and also for lubrication of extension
bushing and ball bearing in it.


  (1) Thrust bearing                (6) Driven plate                  (11) Transfer clutch piston
  (2) Needle bearing                (7) Pressure plate                (12) Rear drive shaft
  (3) Snap ring                     (8) Snap ring                     (13) Ball bearing
  (4) Pressure plate                (9) Transfer piston seal          (14) Seal ring
  (5) Drive plate                  (10) Return spring

               LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                                 MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                              [M10C0]      3-2
                                                                              10. AWD Transfer System

The transfer control valve body is bolted the rear end of transmission case through transfer valve
Hydraulic pressure used in the transfer valve body (line pressure and pilot pressure) are supplied
from the transmission control valve body through the transmission case.
The transfer duty solenoid modulates the pilot pressure into the transfer duty pressure depending
on the signals from transmission control module (TCM).
The transfer duty pressure in turn modulates the line pressure into the transfer clutch pressure be-
fore it is sent to the transfer control valve.
The transfer clutch pressure puts the transfer clutch into engagement depending on the driving
conditions so that the optimum torque may be distributed to the rear wheels.


  (1) Transfer control valve        (4) Transfer pressure            (7) Line pressure
  (2) Transfer clutch pressure      (5) Filter                       (8) Oil pump
  (3) Transfer duty solenoid        (6) Pilot pressure               (9) Control valve


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