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                     LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

2-10        [M1A0]             MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
1. Clutch

1. Clutch
D All models adopt a hydraulic control due to increased clutch load.
D The clutch control operates the release fork using the hydraulic pressure which the master cylin-
der generates by converting the pedal depressing force.
D The clutch itself is a push type clutch. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the self-aligning re-
lease bearing is caused to slide on a guide pressing the center of the diaphragm spring. The
warped diaphragm spring disengages the pressure plate from the clutch disc.
The clutch using a diaphragm spring has the advantage of little variation in push load even when
the clutch disc facing is worn.
The diaphragm spring is located inside the clutch cover.
D The clutch has a clutch disc between the flywheel and the pressure plate.
D Inside the clutch cover, there is a diaphragm spring and a pressure plate combined with each
other by means of strap plates, which also serve to prevent the pressure plate from turning.

Applying foot pressure to the clutch pedal moves the release lever. This causes the release bear-
ing to slide on the guide, pressing the diaphragm spring in the center. The spring is warped and
the force having pressed the pressure plate is lost. As a result, the flywheel, clutch disc and pres-
sure plate are disengaged, disconnecting the driving power.
The push type clutch has the point of action at the tips of the diaphragm spring fingers, through
which the pressure plate is pressed to the clutch disc. When the power transmission is to be inter-
rupted, the diaphragm spring is forced to warp using the pivots established on the inward side
of the spring finger tips (on the principle of the lever and fulcrum) to disengage the pressure plate
from the clutch disc.

            LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                             MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                            [M1C0] 2-10
                                                                                    1. Clutch



   (1) Operating cylinder                        (4) Clutch cover
   (2) Release lever                             (5) Transmission main shaft
   (3) Release bearing                           (6) Clutch disc


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