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              LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                                 MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                      [M2C0]    2-7
                                                                                   2. Air Line (MT Vehicles)

2. Air Line (MT Vehicles)
Air which is drawn in and filtered by the air cleaner is metered and sent to the throttle body. From
the throttle body, the air is regulated by the open-close operation of the throttle valve and is deliv-
ered to the intake manifold. It is then distributed to the respective cylinders to mix with fuel injected
by the fuel injectors. Thus, the air-fuel mixture is delivered into the cylinder. Part of the air branched
at the upstream of the throttle body is sent to the idle air control solenoid valve which regulates
engine idle speed.

D The intake manifold pressure sensor is connected directly to the throttle body, and constantly
measures the absolute pressure of the intake manifold. The pressure that is measured is con-
verted into an electrical signal, and is sent to the ECM. The ECM controls the fuel injection and
ignition timing based on the intake manifold absolute pressure signal from the pressure sensor.


In response to the depressing stroke of the accelerator pedal, the throttle body opens/closes its
valve to regulate the air volume to be taken in the combustion chamber.
During idling, the throttle valve is almost fully closed and the air flow through the throttle body is
less than that passing through the carburetor.
More than half of the air necessary for idling is supplied to the intake manifold via the idle air control
solenoid valve.
And the idle air control solenoid valve properly controls the engine idle speed, so it does not need
to be adjusted.

                            LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

2-7       [M2D0]                    MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
2. Air Line (MT Vehicles)

D A throttle position sensor is provided with a potentiometer which is interlocked with the throttle
valve shaft.
D This throttle position sensor sends the ECM a potentiometer output signal corresponding to the
opening of the throttle valve. When the level of this signal exceeds a predetermined value, the ECM
interprets it as complete closure of the throttle valve and makes a control most suitable for the en-
gine operation with the throttle valve fully closed. For correcting error of this signal, the ECM is
provided with a learning function.
D Thus, the ECM precisely controls the air-fuel ratio during acceleration and deceleration as well
as engine idling.


D The idle air control solenoid valve is incorporated in the throttle body and regulates the amount
of intake air which bypasses the throttle valve built into the throttle body. It is activated by a signal
sent from the ECM to mainly maintain engine idle speed to the target engine speed.
D The idle air control solenoid valve is a rotary valve solenoid type which consists of a coil, rotary
valve, spring and housing. The housing is integral with the throttle body and is provided with the
opening area of bypass air port which is changed by the rotary valve.


            LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                              MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                  [M2F0]    2-7
                                                                            2. Air Line (MT Vehicles)

D The intake air temperature sensor is mounted on the air cleaner case for detecting the tempera-
ture of the intake air introduced through the air intake duct. The ECM uses the resistance signal
from the sensor to correct the fuel injection amount.



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