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                           LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

2-7      [M4A0]                      MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
4. Fuel Line

4. Fuel Line
D Fuel pressurized by the fuel pump built into the fuel tank is delivered to fuel injectors by way of
the fuel pipe and fuel filter. Fuel is regulated to the optimum pressure level by the pressure regula-
tor on the way to the injectors.
D From the injectors, fuel is injected into the intake port of each cylinder where it is mixed with in-
take air, and is then delivered to the respective cylinders.
Fuel injection timing and the amount of fuel injected is regulated by the ECM.


  (1) Fuel gauge                       (10) Canister                          (19) Fuel tank
  (2) Combination meter                (11) ECM                               (20) Vent valve
  (3) Fuel injector                    (12) Pressure control solenoid valve   (21) Shut valve
  (4) Pressure regulator               (13) Fuel tank pressure sensor         (22) Drain filter
  (5) Throttle body                    (14) Fuel temperature sensor           (23) Fuel sub level sensor
  (6) Intake manifold                  (15) Fuel level sensor
  (7) Fuel filter                      (16) Fuel pump                          (a) Fuel line
  (8) Purge control solenoid valve     (17) Jet pump                           (b) Evaporation line
  (9) Drain valve                      (18) Fuel cut valve

             LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                              MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                [M4B0]     2-7
                                                                                       4. Fuel Line

D The pressure regulator is divided into the fuel chamber and the spring chamber by the dia-
phragm as illustrated below. Fuel is fed to the fuel chamber through the fuel inlet connected with
the injector. A difference in pressure between the fuel chamber and the spring chamber con-
nected with the intake manifold causes the diaphragm to be pushed down, and fuel is fed back
to the fuel tank through the return line.
D By returning fuel so as to balance the above pressure difference and the spring force, the fuel
pressure is kept at a constant level 294 kPa (3.00 kg/cm2, 43.0 psi): MT vehicle, 299.1 kPa (3.05
kg/cm2, 43.4 psi): AT vehicle against the intake manifold pressure.


                      LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

2-7      [M4C0]                MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
4. Fuel Line

D The MFI system employs a top feed type fuel injector with air assist system.
D The top feed type fuel injector is installed in the fuel pipe to allow cooling of the injector by the
D The features of this type of fuel injector are as follows:
1) High heat resistance
2) Low driving noise
3) Easy to service
4) Small size
D The fuel injector injects fuel according to the valve open signal received from the ECM.
D The nozzle is attached on the top of the fuel injector. The needle valve is lifted by the solenoid
coil through the plunger on arrival of the valve open signal.
D Since the injection opening, the lifted level of valve and the regulator-controlled fuel pressure
are kept constant, the amount of fuel to be injected can be controlled only by the valve open signal
from the ECM.
D Fuel is atomized using air supplied from the idle air control solenoid valve, which contributes
to not only higher combustion efficiency and higher output but also cleaner exhaust emission.

                                         B2H3517A                                             B2H3442A


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