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             LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

                              MECHANISM AND FUNCTION                                [M5A0]     2-7
                                                                               5. Sensor and Switch

5. Sensor and Switch
D The front oxygen (A/F) sensor uses zirconium oxide (ZrO2) which is a solid electrolyte, at por-
tions exposed to exhaust gas.
D The zirconium oxide has the property of generating electromotive force when contacting an oxy-
gen ion, and the electromotive force generated varies depending on the amount of oxygen ion.
D The front oxygen (A/F) sensor detects the amount of oxygen in exhaust gases in a linear form
by making use of this property. The sensor housing is grounded to the exhaust pipe, and the inside
is connected to the ECM through the harness.
D A ceramic heater is employed to improve performance at low temperature.


                       LEGACY (W2260BE_SGML Complete)

2-7     [M5A0]                 MECHANISM AND FUNCTION
5. Sensor and Switch

D When rich air-fuel mixture is burnt in the cylinder, the oxygen in the exhaust gases reacts almost
completely through the catalytic action of the platinum coating on the surface of the zirconia tube.
This results is a very large difference in the oxygen concentration between the inside and outside,
and the electromotive force generated is large.
D When a lean air-fuel mixture is burnt in the cylinder, oxygen remains in the exhaust gases even
after the catalytic action, and this results in a small difference in the oxygen concentration. The
electromotive force is very small.
D The difference in oxygen concentration changes greatly in the vicinity of the optimum air-fuel
ratio, and hence the change in the electromotive force is also large. By inputting this information
into the ECM, the air-fuel ratio of the supplied mixture can be determined easily. The front oxygen
(A/F) sensor does not generate much electromotive force when the temperature is low. The char-
acteristics of the electromotive force stabilize at temperature of approximately 700

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