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3-4   [K200]                                         DIAGNOSTICS
2. Rear Differential

2. Rear Differential
            Symptom or trouble                             Possible cause                                  Remedy
 1. Oil leakage                             (1) Worn, scratched, or incorrectly            Repair or replace.
                                            seated front or side oil seal. Scored,
                                            battered, or excessively worn sliding sur-
                                            face of companion flange.
                                            (2) Clogged or damaged air breather.           Clean, repair or replace.
                                            (3) Loose bolts on differential spindle or     Tighten bolts to specified torque.
                                            side retainer, or incorrectly fitted O-ring.   Replace O-ring.
                                            (4) Loose rear cover attaching bolts or        Tighten bolts to specified torque.
                                            damaged gasket.                                Replace gasket and apply liquid packing.
                                            (5) Loose oil filler or drain plug.            Retighten and apply liquid packing.
                                            (6) Wear, damage or incorrectly fitting for    Repair or replace.
                                            spindle, side retainer and oil seal.
 2. Seizure                                 (1) Insufficient backlash for hypoid gear.     Readjust or replace.
 Seized or damaged parts should be          (2) Excessive preload for side, rear, or       Readjust or replace.
 replaced, and also other parts should be   front bearing.
 thoroughly checked for any defect and
 should be repaired or replaced as          (3) Insufficient or improper oil used.         Replace seized part and fill with speci-
 required.                                                                                 fied oil to specified level.
 3. Damage                                   (1) Improper backlash for hypoid gear.        Replace.
 NOTE:                                       (2) Insufficient or excessive preload for     Readjust or replace.
 Damaged parts should be replaced, and       side, rear, or front bearing.
 also other parts should be thoroughly
 checked for any defect and should be        (3) Excessive backlash for differential       Replace gear or thrust washer.
 repaired or replaced as required.           gear.
                                             (4) Loose bolts and nuts such as crown        Retighten.
                                             gear bolt.
                                             (5) Damage due to overloading.                Replace.
 4. Noises when starting or shifting         (1) Excessive backlash for hypoid gear.       Readjust.
 gears                                       (2) Excessive backlash for differential       Replace gear or thrust washer.
 NOTE:                                       gear.
 Noises may be caused by differential
 assembly, universal joint, wheel bearing, (3) Insufficient preload for front or rear      Readjust.
 etc. Find out what is actually making       bearing.
 noise before disassembly.                   (4) Loose drive pinion nut.                   Tighten to specified torque.
                                             (5) Loose bolts and nuts such as side         Tighten to specified torque.
                                             bearing retainer attaching bolt.
 5. Noises when cornering                    (1) Damaged differential gear.                Replace.
                                             (2) Excessive wear or damage of thrust        Replace.
                                             (3) Broken pinion mate shaft.                 Replace.
                                             (4) Seized or damaged side bearing.           Replace.
 6. Gear noises                              (1) Improper tooth contact of hypoid          Readjust or replace hypoid gear set.
 NOTE:                                       gear.
 Since noises from engine, muffler,          (2) Improper backlash for hypoid gear.        Readjust.
 transmission, propeller shaft, wheel
 bearings, tires, and body are sometimes (3) Scored or chipped teeth of hypoid             Replace hypoid gear set.
 mistaken for noises from differential       gear.
 assembly, be careful in checking them.      (4) Seized hypoid gear.                       Replace hypoid gear set.
 Inspection methods to locate noises         (5) Improper preload for front or rear        Readjust.
 include coasting, accelerating, cruising,   bearings.
 and jacking-up all four wheels. Perform
 these inspections according to condition (6) Seized, scored, or chipped front or          Replace.
 of trouble. When listening to noises, shift rear bearing.
 gears into four wheel drive and fourth      (7) Seized, scored, or chipped side bear-     Replace.
 speed position, trying to pick up only dif- ing.
 ferential noise.                            (8) Vibrating differential carrier.           Replace.


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