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                                       SERVICE PROCEDURE                                             [W1B1] 3-2
                                                                                                       1. General

1. General                                                      the parts immediately after the cleaning without
                                                                exposure to the air for a while. Besides in case
A: PRECAUTION                                                   of washing rubber parts, perform the job quickly
When disassembling or assembling the automatic                  not to dip them into the washing fluid for long
transmission, observe the following instructions.               time.
1) Workshop                                                     (7) Apply the automatic transmission fluid
Provide a place that is clean and free from dust.               (ATF) onto the parts immediately prior to
Principally the conventional workshop is suitable               assembly, and the specified tightening torque
except for a dusty place. In a workshop where                   should be observed carefully.
grinding work, etc. which produces fine particles is            (8) Use vaseline if it is necessary to hold parts
done, make independent place divided by the vinyl               in the position when assembling.
curtain or the equivalent.                                      (9) Drain ATF and differential gear oil into a
2) Work table                                                   saucer so that the conditions of fluid and oil can
The size of 1 x 1.5 m (40 x 60 in) is large enough              be inspected.
to work, and it is more desirable that its surface be           (10) Do not support axle drive shaft, stator
covered with flat plate like iron plate which is not            shaft, input shaft or various pipes when moving
rusted too much.                                                transmission from one place to another.
3) Cleaning of exterior                                         (11) Always discard old oil seals and O-ring,
   (1) Clean the exterior surface of transmission               and install new ones.
   with steam and/or kerosene prior to                          (12) Be sure to replace parts which are
   disassembly, however it should be noted that                 damaged, worn, scratched, discolored, etc.
   vinyl tape be placed on the air breather or oil
   level gauge to prevent infiltration of the steam          B: INSPECTION
   into the transmission and also the cleaning job           1. ATF LEVEL
   be done away from the place of disassembly
   and assembly.                                             1) Raise ATF temperature to 60 to 80

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