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                                      SERVICE PROCEDURE                                          [W8A1] 3-2
                                                                                                   8. Stall Test


3. ENGINE BRAKE OPERATION                                   8. Stall Test
Engine brake operation:
    D range  4th gear
                                                            A: MEASUREMENT
    3 range  3rd gear                                       1. GENERAL INFORMATION
    2 range  2nd gear
                                                            The stall test is of extreme importance in diagnos-
    1 range  1st gear
                                                            ing the condition of the automatic transmission and
4. AWD FUNCTION                                             the engine. It should be conducted to measure the
If "tight-corner braking" occurs when the steering          engine stall speeds in R and 2 ranges.
wheel is fully turned at low speed:                         Purposes of the stall test:
1) Determine the applicable trouble code and                1) To check the operation of the automatic trans-
check the corresponding duty solenoid C (transfer)          mission clutch.
for improper operation.                                     2) To check the operation of the torque converter
2) If the solenoid is operating properly, check             clutch.
transfer clutch pressure.                                   3) To check engine performance.
3) If oil pressure is normal but "tight-corner brak-
ing" occurs:
Check the transfer control valve for sticking, and
the transfer clutch facing for wear.  and 

3-2   [W8A2]                            SERVICE PROCEDURE
8. Stall Test

2. TEST METHODS                                               6) When the engine speed is stabilized, read that
1) Preparations before test:                                  speed quickly and release the accelerator pedal.
    (1) Check that throttle valve opens fully.                7) Shift the select lever to Neutral, and cool down
    (2) Check that engine oil level is correct.               the engine by idling it for more than one minute.
    (3) Check that coolant level is correct.                  8) Record the stall speed.
    (4) Check that ATF level is correct.                      9) If stall speed in 2 range is higher than
    (5) Check that differential gear oil level is cor-        specifications, low clutch slipping and 2-4 brake
    rect.                                                     slipping may occur. To identify it, conduct the same
    (6) Increase ATF temperature to 50 to 80

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