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                           MANUAL TRANSAXLE     -   DIFFERENTIAL CASE

                                       1.    ASSEMBLE DIFFERENTIAL CASE
                                       (a)   Install the correct thrust washers and side gears.
                                             Refer to the table below, select thrust washers which will
                                             ensure that the backlash is within the specification. Try to
                                             select washers of the same size for both sides.
                                             Standard backlash:
                                             0.05 - 0.20 mm (0.0020 - 0.0079 in.)
                                                Thickness mm (in.)                Thickness mm (in.)
                                                    1.50 (0.0591)                   1.65 (0.0650)
                                                    1.55 (0.0610)                   1.70 (0.0669)
                                                    1.60 (0.0630)                   1.75 (0.0689)

                                       (b)   Install the thrust washers and side gears in the differential
                                       (c)   Install the pinion shaft.

                                       (d)   Using a dial indicator, check the side gear backlash.
                                             Measure the side gear backlash while holding one pinion
                                             gear toward the differential case.
                                             Standard backlash:
                                             0.05 - 0.20 mm (0.0020 - 0.0079 in.)
                                       If the backlash is not within the specification, install a thrust
                                       washer of different thickness.
                                       (e) Using a pin punch and hammer, drive in the straight pin
                              MT0083         through the differential case and hole in the pinion shaft.
                                       (f)   Using a chisel and hammer, caulk the pin holes around
                                             the circumference of the differential case.
                                       2.    INSTALL RING GEAR ON DIFFERENTIAL CASE
                                       (a) Clean the contact surface of the differential case.
                                       (b) Heat the ring gear in boiling water.
                                       (c) Carefully remove the ring gear from the water.
                                       (d) After the moisture on the ring gear has completely evapo-
                                             rated, quickly install the ring gear to the differential case.

                                       Align the matchmarks on the differential case and contact the
                                       ring gear.
                                       (e) Install the 6 set bolts. Tighten each set bolt uniformly, a
                                             little at a time in succession. Torque the bolts.
                                             Torque: 124 N

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