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                                                                                                      AC-1 1
                                      AIR CONDITIONING   -   AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM

                                                1.    INSTALL CHARGING CYLINDER
                                                When handling the charging cylinder, always follow the direc-
         Air                                    tions given in the instruction manual.
                                                (a) Charge the proper amount of refrigerant into the charging
                                                (b) Connect the center hose to the charging cylinder.
 Low Pressure                                   CAUTION:
 Service Valve
                                                Do not open both high and low hand valves of manifold
                                                gauge set.
                                                (c) Open the valve of charging cylinder.
                                                (d) Press the valve core on the side of manifold gauge and
                                                      expel the air inside of the center hose.
          High Pressure
          Service Valve

                  Charging Cylinder

                                                2.    INSPECT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM FOR LEAKS
                                                (a)   Open the high pressure hand valve and charge refriger-
                                                (b) When the low pressure gauge indicates 98 kPa
                                                      (1 kgf/cm2, 14 psi) close the high pressure hand valve.
                                                (c) Using a gas leak detector, check the system for leakage.
                                                Use the refrigerant recovery/ recycling machine to recover
                                                the refrigerant whenever replacing parts.

        Gas Leak


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                   Author :            Date :          1458
                                   AIR CONDITIONING    -   AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM

                                              3.     CHARGE REFRIGERANT INTO REFRIGERANT SYS-
                                              If there is no leak after refrigerant leak check, charge the proper
                                              amount of refrigerant into refrigeration system.
                                               S     Never run the engine when charging the system
                                                     through the high pressure side.
                                               S     Do not open the low pressure hand valve when the
                                                     system is being charged with liquid refrigerant.
 Low Pressure
                                              (a) Open the high pressure hand valve fully.
 Service Valve                                (b) Charge specified amount of refrigerant, then close the
                                                     high pressure hand valve.
                                              A fully charged system is indicated by the sight glass being free
                                              of any bubbles.
                                              (c) Charge partially refrigeration system with refrigerant.
                   High Pressure                     (1) Set vehicle in these condition:
                   Service Valve
                                                             S    Running engine at 1,500 rpm
                                    N13790                   S    Blower speed control switch: "HI"
                                                             S    Temperature control selector: "MAX. COOL"
                                                             S    Air inlet control selector: "RECIRC"
                                                             S    Fully open doors (Sliding roof: closed)
                                                     (2) Open the low pressure hand valve.
                                              Do not open the high pressure hand valve.

                                              (d)   Charge refrigerant until bubbles disappear and check the
                                                    pressure on the gauge through the sight glass.



2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                  Author :             Date :               1459

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