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                                    AIR CONDITIONING   -   AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM

                                              AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM                                      AC0C1-08

                                              1.    DO NOT HANDLE REFRIGERANT IN AN ENCLOSED
                                                    AREA OR WEAR EYE PROTECTION
                                              2.    ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION


                                              3.      BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET LIQUID REFRIGERANT IN
                                                      YOUR EYES OR ON YOUR SKIN
                                              If liquid refrigerant gets in your eyes or on your skin.
                                              (a) Wash the area with lots of cool water.
                                              Do not rub your eyes or skin.
                                              (b) Apply clean petroleum jelly to the skin.
                                              (c) Go immediately to a physician or hospital for professional
                                     AC2811           treatment.
                                              4.      NEVER HEAT CONTAINER OR EXPOSE IT TO NAKED
                                              5.      BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP CONTAINER AND NOT
                                                      TO APPLY PHYSICAL SHOCKS TO IT

                                              6.      DO NOT OPERATE COMPRESSOR WITHOUT
                Wrong     Okey
                                                      ENOUGH REFRIGERANT IN REFRIGERATION SYS-
               LO    HI   LO   HI             If there is not enough refrigerant in the refrigerant system oil lu-
                                              brication will be insufficient and compressor burnout may occur,
                                              so that care to avoid this, necessary care should be taken.
                                              7.      DO NOT OPEN PRESSURE MANIFOLD VALVE WHILE
                                                      COMPRESSOR IS OPERATE
                                     N11084   If the high pressure valve is opened, refrigerant flows in the re-
                                              verse direction and could cause the charging cylinder to rup-
                                              ture, so open and close the only low pressure valve.
                                              8.      BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERCHARGE SYSTEM WITH
                                              If refrigerant is overcharged, it causes problems such as insuffi-
                                              cient cooling, poor fuel economy, engine overheating etc.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                 Author :              Date :               1448

                             9.    SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM (SRS)
                             The ECHO is equipped with an SRS (Supplemental Restraint
                             System) such as the driver and front passenger airbag. Failure
                             to carry out service operation in the correct sequence could
                             cause the SRS to unexpectedly deploy during servicing, possi-
                             bly leading to a serious accident. Before servicing (including re-
                             moval or installation of parts, inspection or replacement), be
                             sure to read the precautionary notices tn the RS section.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :           Date :              1449

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