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                                        BODY ELECTRICAL    -   WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

                                                  1.    INSPECT WIRELESS DOOR LOCK TRANSMITTER
                                                  Refer to "Wireless door lock control receiver and transmitter re-
                                                  placement" on page BE-86 .
                                                  (a) Using a screwdriver, remove the cover.
                                                  (b) Remove the battery (lithium battery).

                                                  (c) Install a new or normal battery (lithium battery).
         Dry cell battery (1.5 V x 2)             When a new or normal battery can not be obtained, connect 2
                                                  new 1.5 V batteries in series, connect the battery (+) to the bat-
                                                  tery receptacle side terminal and battery (-) to the bottom termi-
                                                  nal, then apply 3 V voltage to the transmitter.
                                                  (d) In the location where is approx. 1 M away from driver's
                                                         outside handle in the right direction, and check the trans-
                                         I12378          mitter operation when pressing transmission switch on
                                                         the surface of the transmitter body.
                                                  Remote control of vehicle door lock can be operated.
                                                   S     The minimum operation distance differs according to op-
                                                         erator, the way of holding, and location.
                                                   S     As weak wave is used, operation distance might be short-
                                                         ened when noise is detected in strong wave or used fre-
                                                  (e) Install the battery (lithium battery).
                                                  (f)    Install a cover, so that rubber cover is not distorted or
                                                         slipped off.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                     Author :             Date :                1286

                                       2.    CHECK BATTERY CAPACITY
                                        S    Make sure to use the TOYOTA electrical tester.
                                        S    With the battery unloaded, judge can not be made wheth-
                                             er the battery is available or not on the test.
                                        S    When the transmitter is faulty, the energy amount left in
                                             the battery might not be checked correctly.
                                        S    On the lithium battery used for the transmitter, the voltage
                                             more than 2.5 V with the battery unloaded is shown on the
                                             tester until the energy is completely consumed.
                                             Accordingly when inspecting the energy amount left in the
                                             battery, it is necessary to measure the voltage when the
                                             battery is loaded. (1.2 k).

                                       (a)   Using a screwdriver, remove the cover.


                                       (b)   Remove the battery (lithium battery) from the transmitter.


                                       (c)   Connect the lead to the (-) terminal of the transmitter and
                                             install the battery.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                         Author :             Date :               1287
                              BODY ELECTRICAL          -    WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

                                          (d)      Connect the (+) tester to the (+) battery (lithium battery),
                                                   and (-) tester to the lead respectively.
                                          (e)      Press one of the transmitting switches on the transmitter
                                                   for approx. 1 second.
                                          (f)      Press the transmitting switch on the transmitter again to
                                                   check the voltage.
                                                   Standard: 2.1 V or more
                                 I12381    S       When the temperature of the battery is low, the judge can
                                                   not be made correctly.
                                                   When the outcome of the test is less than 2.1 V, conduct
                                                   the test again after leaving the battery in the place at 18

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