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                                     BODY ELECTRICAL     -   WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

Only wireless function (Remote control) will not operate.
(If a new transmitter or a transmitter of the same type that works properly with the vehicle is not available.)

     Make the vehicle in the initialized condition:
     The initialized condition is the condition when the following conditions are satisfied.
     (1) Key plate has not been inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
     (2) All the doors are closed. (Door warning light is off.)
     (3) All the doors are locked.

 Basic function check:
Under the standard operation, when repeating the operation of UNLOCK and LOCK switch
3 times or more alternately, check the UNLOCK-LOCK operation from 3rd time onward.
D Following procedures are standard operation.
(1) Keep about 1 M away to the right direction from the outside handle of a driver's seat.
(2) Face the transmitter toward the vehicle and press one of transmitter switches for about 1 sec.

                     No                                                                Yes

                                                                    D Operative distance may differ according to
                                                                    an operator, the way of holding the transmitter
                                                                    or position.
                                                                    D Because weak electric wave is used, when
                                                                    there is strong wave or noise in the used
                                                                    frequency ,operation distance might be

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                    Author :                 Date :             1281
                                          BODY ELECTRICAL      -   WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

  Transmitter battery check:
                                                                                            Battery faulty.
 Replace the transmitter battery with a new or normal
 one and check UNLOCK-LOCK function works under
 the standard operation.
 D The battery should be replaced by only the shops with
 sufficient skill as new normal battery is necessary.
 D Battery quality can be judged by checking the rem-
 nant volume of the battery.


    Make the vehicle be in the initialized condition.

          Inspection start by using self diagnostic mode:
        Enter into the self diagnostic mode.
        If operating door control receiver in the order of 1 through 2, the mode turns to diagnostic mode.
        (1) Insert the key plate in the ignition key cylinder and pull out, then insert it again and turn ignition switch
        OFF  ON  OFF once within 5 seconds after pulling out.
        (2) After completing the procedure within 30 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF  ON  OFF 9 times.
        In the case that either of (1) and (2) conditions is not satisfied, transfer to normal mode.
        When completing self diagnostic mode, turn the ignition switch ON.
        LOCK and UNLOCK operation is not performed under the self diagnostic mode.

                          within.                       within.
                          5 secs.                       30 secs.
 Key plate
 not inserted

  Key plate
    switch                       1          2           3                  9          10

                        1st time                       9th times

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                           Author :                 Date :                  1282
                                         BODY ELECTRICAL   -   WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM


                                                                                  Is the method to enter into the
Self diagnostic mode operation check:
                                                                                  diagnostic mode correct?
After the self diagnostic mode input operation has No
been performed, check that the taillight.          (Not entered in self
                                                   diagnostic mode)
Taillight        Ignition switch OFF                                 No           Is the chirping function of operation
   ON                                                                             confirmation taillight normal?

   OFF                                                                                                 Yes
                                                           Check control taillight.

                0.2 secs.    0.5 secs.
                                                                              Key unlock warning switch inspection:
             (Entered in self diagnostic mode)                                Check that continuity exists between
                                                                              connector terminal 21 of door lock
                                                                              control relay on the vehicle side and
                                                                              ground by inserting the key plate into the
Self diagnostic mode check:
                                                                              ignition key cylinder.
Check that how the taillight when pressing each
transmitter switch.

(1) Receiver normal wave of LOCK switch.
                                                                                      Check key unlock warning switch.
                                                                   (4) is output.
             0.2 secs. 0.5 secs.                                   (All taillights response
(2) Receiver normal wave of UNLOCK switch.                         is same.)
Taillight                                                              Recognition code registration function check:
                                                                       Check that it is possible to enter into
             0.2 secs.        0.5 secs.                                rewrite mode or add mode.
                     0.2 secs
                                                                       (Refer to "Wireless door lock receiver and
(3) Receiver normal wave of PANIC switch.
                                                                       transmitter" - "Recognition code registration".)

                  0.5 secs. 0.5 secs.
                                                                                        Wireless door lock operates
(4) Incompatibility of the recognition code or out
                                                                                        normally when recognition code
from synchronization of rolling code.
                                                                                        is registered.
                     While receiving
                                                                   No response from taillight.
While turning the ignition switch ON in the self
diagnostic mode, the mode returns to normal mode.
              (1), (2) or (3) are output.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                      Author :                Date :                 1283
                                        BODY ELECTRICAL        -    WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

 The wave reaching range check:                                         Other body control system faulty.
                                                                        (Transmitter and receiver are normal.)
 Is the wave reaching range normal?
 (1 M area around vehicle)
 (While the transmitting switch is pressed, (approx.
 20 secs.) the taillight continuously. After 20 secs.,
 repress the switch again.)

                     No                                                         When pressing each switch of the new or
                                                                                normal transmitter used in the same type
                                                                                vehicle, check that all taillights chirps in
Transmitter faulty or wireless door lock receiver                               the same way.

                                                                                         No                         Yes
Check the wave reaching range with another
transmitter (normal). When the range is normal,
transmitter defection is detected, the range is
not normal, wireless door lock receiver defection                                                        Transmitter faulty.
is defected.

 Wireless door control receiver check:
 Check that continuity exists between the receiver
 terminal 3 (PRG) and door control relay terminal 23                         Wire harness faulty (short circuit).
 Check that continuity exists between the receiver
 terminal 2 (RDA) and door control relay terminal 22


 Check RDA terminal circuit.                                                 RDA terminal open circuit.
 Check that the voltage of RDA is about 6 - 7 V
 (when the transmitter is ON).


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                              Author :                Date :                   1284
                                      BODY ELECTRICAL      -    WIRELESS DOOR LOCK CONTROL SYSTEM

+B power source check:                                               DOME fuse or wire harness faulty.

Check that there is constantly 10 to 14 V voltage at the
connector terminal 5 (+B) of wireless door control

Body ground check:                                                   Wire harness faulty.
                                                                     Body ground open and contact error.
Check that continuity exists between the connector
terminal 1 (GND) of the wireless door control receiver
and body ground.

 Wireless door control receiver faulty.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                     Author :             Date :            1285

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