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                                              BODY   -   QUARTER WINDOW GLASS

                     Adhesive            1.      CLEAN AND SHAPE CONTACT SURFACE OF BODY
                                         (a)     Using a knife, cut away any rough areas on the body.
                                         Leave as much of the adhesive on the body as possible.
                                         (b) Clean the cutting surface of the adhesive with a piece of
                                               shop rag saturated in cleaner.
                                         Even if all the adhesive has been removed, clean the body.

                                         2.  CLEAN REMOVED GLASS
                                         (a) Remove the damaged spacers and pins.
                                         (b) Using a scraper, remove the adhesive sticking to the
                                         (c) Clean the glass with a cleaner.
                                          S  Do not touch the glass after cleaning it.
                                          S  Be careful not to damage the glass.

                                         3.      INSTALL NEW SPACERS AND PINS
                                         (a)     Once place new pins and spacers to the body.
                                         (b)     Peel the release sheets from adhesive tapes.
                 Spacer                  (c)     Position the glass in correct position.
                                         (d)     Remove the glass with the spacers and pins.



                                         4.   CLEAN CONTACT SURFACE OF GLASS
                                         Using a cleaner, clean the contact surface which is black-col-
                                         ored area around the entire glass rim.
                                         Do not touch the glass face after cleaning it.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                               Author :         Date :             1380
                                                BODY   -   QUARTER WINDOW GLASS

                                               5.    COAT CONTACT SURFACE OF BODY WITH PRIMER
 Primer M            Primer M
                                               Using a brush, coat Primer M to the exposed part of body on the
                                               vehicle side.
                                                S    Let the primer coating dry for 3 minutes or more.
                                                S    Do not coat Primer M to the adhesive.
              Primer M
                                                S    Do not keep any of the opened Primer M for later use.
              Adhesive                H02865

                                               6.    COAT CONTACT SURFACE OF NEW GLASS WITH
                           Primer G                  PRIMER "G"
                                               (a) Using a brush or sponge, coat the edge of the glass and
                                                     the contact surface with Primer G as shown in the illustra-
                                               (b) When the primer is coated wrongly to the area other than
                                                     the specified, wipe it off with a clean shop rag before the
                                                     primer dries.
                                                S    Let the primer coating dry for 3 minutes or more.
 7 mm (0.28 in.) 14 mm (0.55 in.)               S    Do not keep any of the opened Primer G for later use.
                                               7.     APPLY ADHESIVE
                                               (a) Cut off the tip of the cartridge nozzle.
                                                     Part No. 08850-00801 or equivalent
                                               After cutting off the tip, use all adhesive within the time de-
                                               scribed in the table below.
              Primer G                                     Temperature                    Tackfree time

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