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                              BRAKE   -   FRONT BRAKE PAD

                              1.   REMOVE FRONT WHEEL
                              2.   INSPECT PAD LINING THICKNESS
                              Check the pad thickness through the caliper inspection hole
                              and replace the pads if they are not within the specification.
                                   Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.)


                              3.    LIFT UP CALIPER
                              (a)   Hold the sliding pin on the bottom and loosen the installa-
                                    tion bolt, and remove the installation bolt.
                              (b)   Lift up the caliper and suspend it securely.
                              Do not disconnect the flexible hose from the caliper.
                              4.     REMOVE BRAKE PADS WITH ANTI-SQUEAL SHIMS
                              5.     REMOVE 2 PAD SUPPORT PLATES
                     F07790   NOTICE:
                              The support plates can be used again provided that they
                              have sufficient rebound, no deformation, cracks or wear,
                              and have had all rust, dirt and foreign particles cleaned off.
                              6.     CHECK DISC THICKNESS AND RUNOUT
                                     (See page BR-24 )
                              7.     INSTALL 2 PAD SUPPORT PLATES
                              8.     INSTALL NEW PADS
                              When replacing worn pads, the anti-squeal shims and pad
                              wear indicator plates must be replaced together with the
                              (a) Apply disc brake grease to the anti-squeal shims (See
                                     page BR-21 ).
                              (b) Install the 2 anti-squeal shims on the outer pad.
                              (c) Install the 2 anti-squeal shims on the inner pad.
                              (d) Install the inner pad with the pad wear indicator plate fac-
                                     ing upward.
                              (e) Install the outer pad.
                              There should be no oil or grease adhering to the friction
                              surfaces of the pads or the disc.
                              9.     INSTALL CALIPER
                              (a) Draw out a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir.
                              (b) Press in the piston with a hammer handle or similar imple-
                              If the piston is difficult to push in, loosen the bleeder plug and
                              push in the piston while letting some brake fluid escape.
                              (c) Install the caliper.
                     F08580   (d) Hold the sliding pin and install the installation bolt.
                                     Torque: 34 N

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