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                                                   DIAGNOSTICS        -   ENGINE

    DTC                 P0500                Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction

The No.1 vehicle speed sensor outputs a 4-pulse signal for every revolution of the rotor shaft, which is ro-
tated by the transmission output shaft via the driven gear. After this signal is converted into a more precise
rectangular waveform by the waveform shaping circuit inside the combination meter, it is then transmitted
to the ECM. The ECM determines the vehicle speed based on the frequency of these pluse signals.

                            4-Pulse                             4-Pulse
     No.1 Vehicle
     Speed Sensor

                                         Combination Meter

                                                                                                                   Vehicle Speed Sensor


   DTC No.                        DTC Detecting Condition                                                 Trouble Area
                                                                                 S Combination meter
                During vehicle is being driven, no vehicle speed sensor signal
                                                                                 S Open or short in vehicle speed sensor circuit
   P0500       to ECM
                                                                                 S Vehicle speed sensor
               (2 trip detection logic)
                                                                                 S ECM


             Combination Meter
                                                         Instrument Panel J/B
                               19                           6            3                                          9
                                           V-W                                                  V-W
                              C14                          1F          1H                                           E4 SPD


 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                                  Author :                     Date :                     273
                                        DIAGNOSTICS   -   ENGINE

Read freeze frame data using TOYOTA hand-held tester or OBD II scan tool. Because freeze frame records
the engine conditions when the malfunction is detected, when troubleshooting it is useful for determining
whether the vehicle was running or stopped, the engine warmed up or not, the air-fuel ratio lean or rich, etc.
at the time of the malfunction.

   1     Check operation of speedometer.

Drive the vehicle and check if the operation of the speedmeter in the combination meter is normal.
The vehicle speed sensor is operating normally if the speedometer display is normal.

                                                NG        Check speedometer circuit. See combination
                                                          meter troubleshooting. (See page BE-2 ).


 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                   Author :          Date :              274
                                     DIAGNOSTICS    -       ENGINE

  2     Check voltage between terminal SPD of ECM connector and body ground.

       ON                   SPD
                                           (a) Remove the connector cover from the ECM.
                                           (b) Shift the shift lever to neutral.
                                           (c) Jack up one of the front wheels.
                                           (d) Turn the ignition switch ON.
                (-)   (+)                  Measure voltage between terminal SPD of ECM connector and
                                           body ground when the wheel is turned slowly.
                                  A09041   OK:
                                                Voltage is generated intermittently.

                                             4.5  5.5 V

                                                                                      Turn the wheel

                                             NG             Check and repair harness and connector
                                                            between combination meter and ECM.


 Check and replace ECM (See page IN-29 ).

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                 Author :          Date :               275

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