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                                                    DIAGNOSTICS       -     ENGINE

    DTC                    P0125               Insufficient Temp. for Closed Loop
                                               Fuel Control

To obtain a high purification rate for the CO, HC and NOx components of the exhaust gas, a three-way
catalytic converter is used, but for the most efficient use of the three-way catalytic converter, the air-fuel
ratio must be precisely controlled so that it is always close to the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio.
The oxygen sensor has the characteristic whereby its output voltage changes suddenly in the vicinity of the
stoichiometric air-fuel ratio. This is used to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and provide
feedback to the computer for control of the air-fuel ratio.
When the air-fuel ratio becomes LEAN, the oxygen concentration in the exhaust increases and the oxygen
sensor informs the ECM of the LEAN condition (small electromotive force: < 0.45 V).
When the air-fuel ratio is RICHER than the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio the oxygen concentration in the ex-
haust gas in reduced and the oxygen sensor informs the ECM of the RICH condition (large electromotive
force: > 0.45V).
The ECM judges by the electromotive force from the oxygen sensor whether the air-fuel ratio is RICH or
LEAN and controls the injection time accordingly. However, if malfunction of the oxygen sensor causes out-
put of abnormal electromotive force, the ECM is unable to perform accurate air-fuel ratio control.
The oxygen sensors include a heater which heats the zirconia element. The heater is controlled by the ECM.
When the intake air volume is low (the temp. of the exhaust gas is low) current flows to the heater to heat
the sensor for accurate oxygen concentration detection.

                                                                                                                   Ideal Air-Fuel Mixture
                                                                                                 Output Voltage

                                                                          Platinum Electrode
                                                                      Solid Electrolyte
                                                                      (Zirconia Element)
                                                                      Platinum Electrode
                                                                      Coating (Ceramic)

                                                                                                                  Richer - Air Fuel Ratio - Leaner
                                         Exhaust Gas
  P21242 FI7210

   DTC No.                          DTC Detecting Condition                                                          Trouble Area
                                                                                 S Fuel system
                                                                                 S Air induction system
                  After the engine is warmed up, oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor    S Injector
                  1) output does not indicate RICH (y 0.45 V) even once when     S Ignition system
                  conditions (a), (b), and (c) continue for at least 1.5 min.    S Gas leakage on exhaust system
                  (a) Engine speed: 1,500 rpm or more                            S Open or short in heated oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1)
                  (b) Vehicle speed: 40 - 100 km/h (25 - 62 mph)                   circuit
                  (c) Throttle valve does not fully closed                       S Heated oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1)
                                                                                 S ECM
                                                                                 S PCV piping

 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                                  Author :                               Date :               213
                                                                DIAGNOSTICS       -       ENGINE

After confirming DTC P0125, use the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester to confirm voltage output
of oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1) from "CURRENT DATA".
If voltage output of oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1) is less than 0.1 V, oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1) circuit
may be open or short.
                                                                  Instrument Panel J/B
                                                                    7                      1
                                     W-R                                                                    W-R
                                                                   1A                     1O
                                                                    3                      6
                                                    B-R                                          B-R 6                   5
                               B-Y                                 1A                     1O
                                                                                                            IG2   AM2
                                                                                                        I10 Ignition Switch
             1             1          1             1
                                                                                                 H3 Heated Oxygen Sensor
        2              2                  1             5                                         (Bank 1 Sensor 1)                       8
                                                         EFI   B-Y                    L             2          1    O
                  AM2          EFI                                                                                                        E6   HT
                   1                                                    B-Y                                                               6
         1                                2             3                                       Y       4            3       R
                                                                                                                                          E6   OX1A
                                                                      IE1 13
             1                        1             1
                                                                      H6 Heated
                 Engine Room                                      B-Y Oxygen Sensor                                      (Shielded)
                 R/B                          B-Y          4          (Bank 1 Sensor 2)                        17                         16
   B-L                                                                  2                  1        W                            W
                                                          EB1                                                  IE2                        E6   HT2
                                                                                                               18                         5
             F6 2                                                       4                  3        B                            B
                                                                                                               IE2                        E6   OX1B
                 MAIN   FL Block                                                                               20
                                          W-B                    BR                                            IE2
                                                                                               (Shielded)                (Shielded)
                                                                            19                                                      14
                                                                                      BR                                   BR
                                                                            IE2                                                     E7         E1
                                                                                               BR           BR

                  Battery            EC                                                    EB



 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                                                    Author :                     Date :                   214
                                         DIAGNOSTICS   -   ENGINE

S       If the vehicle run out of fuel, the air-fuel ratio is LEAN and DTC P0125 will be recorded .
        The MIL then comes on.
S       Read freeze frame data using TOYOTA hand-held tester or OBD II scan tool. Because freeze frame
        records the engine conditions when the malfunction is detected, when troubleshooting it is useful for
        determining whether the vehicle was running or stopped, the engine warmed up or not, the air-fuel
        ratio lean or rich, etc at the time of the malfunction.

    1      Are there any other codes (besides DTC P0125) being output ?

                                                YES        Go to relevant DTC chart (See page DI-14 ).


    2      Check connection of PCV piping.

                                                 NG        Repair or replace PCV pipng.


    3      Connect the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester and read value for
           voltage output of oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1).

(a) Connect the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester to the DLC3.
(b) Warm up engine to normal operating temp (above 75

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