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                                                  DIAGNOSTICS   -        SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM

    DTC                Normal             Source Voltage Drop

The SRS is equipped with a voltage-increase circuit (DC-DC converter) in the airbag sensor assembly in
case the source voltage drops.
When the battery voltage drops, the voltage-increase circuit (DC-DC converter) functions to increase the
voltage of the SRS to normal voltage.
The diagnosis system malfunction display for this circuit is different from other circuits that is when the SRS
warning light remains lit up and the DTC is a normal code, source voltage drop is indicated.
Malfunction in this circuit is not recorded in the airbag sensor assembly, and the source voltage returns to
normal, the SRS warning light automatically goes off.
                       DTC No.                                                                   Diagnosis
                       (Normal)                                                              Source voltage drop


                                                                                                                   Airbag Sensor
                          I10                           Instrument Panel J/B
                          Ignition Switch
                                                        4 7.5A ECU-IG 10                                      6
                          1               2   B-Y                                              L (SB)
                                                       1O             1D                                     C4 IG1
                              AM1 IG1
                                                        6                            5                        5
                          5               6   B-R                                             B-O (SB)
                                                       1O                           1D                       C4 IG2
                              AM2 IG2

                                                         1                           7
                                    W-R                                                         W-R
                                                        1O                          1A

                                                        8       40A AM1              1
                                                       1O                           1C
                        F6                                      2           1
                        Fusible Link Block
                           120A ALT (*3)                            B (*1)
                           100A ALT (*4)
                                              4                     B-G (*2)

                                                         Engine Room R/B No. 1

                                  60A MAIN                           15A AM2
                                              2 B-L
                                                            1                            1
                                                                     1          2

            *1: Puerto Rico
            *2: Except Puerto Rico
            *3: Except Puerto Rico: U.S.A. A/T w/o ABS, Daytime Running Light, Cold Area Spec.
            *4: Puerto Rico: U.S.A. A/T w/o ABS, Daytime Running Light, Cold Area Spec.                                            H10659

 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                                Author :                       Date :                560
                                             DIAGNOSTICS   -   SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM


   1      Prepare for inspection.

          LOCK                                    PREPARATION:
                               Airbag Sensor
                               Assembly           (a) Disconnect negative (-) terminal cable from the battery,
                                                       and wait at least for 90 seconds.
   P/T Squib (RH)
                                                  (b) Remove the steering wheel pad. (See page SR-13 )
                                                  (c) Disconnect the connector of the front passenger airbag
    Front Airbag                                       assembly. (See page RS-28 )
    Sensor (RH)                                   (d) Disconnect the connector of the seat belt pretensioner
D Squib                                                RH and LH. (See page BO-1 14)
                Spiral                            (e) Disconnect the connectors of the airbag sensor assem-
                                                       bly. (See page RS-52 )
                                                  (f)  Disconnect the connector of the front airbag sensor RH
  P Squib                                              and LH. (See page RS-57 )
    Front Airbag                                  Store the steering wheel pad and front passenger airbag
    Sensor (LH)                                   assembly with the front surface facing upward.
  P/T Squib (LH)

H03372                                   H04512

   2      Check source voltage.

                     Airbag Sensor Assembly       PREPARATION:
            ON                                    Connect negative (-) terminal cable to the battery.
                                                  (a) Turn the ignition switch ON.
                         IG1           IG2        (b) Measure the voltage between body ground and each of
          (-)       (+)                               terminals IG1 and IG2 and operate electric system. (de-
                                                      fogger, wiper, headlight, heater blower, etc.)
 H01298                                  H01299       Voltage: 10 - 14 V

                                                    NG         Check harness between battery and airbag sen-
                                                               sor assembly, and check battery and charging


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                     Author :           Date :          561
                                     DIAGNOSTICS   -   SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM

   3     Does SRS warning light turn off?

                                           (a) Turn the ignition switch to LOCK.
                                           (b) Connect the steering wheel pad connector.
                                           (c) Connect the front passenger airbag assembly connector.
                                           (d) Connect the seat belt pretensioner connectors.
                                           (e) Connect the airbag sensor assembly connectors.
                                           (f)  Connect the front airbag sensor connectors.
                                           (g) Turn the ignition switch to ON.
                                  H01249   CHECK:
                                           Operate electric system (defogger, wiper, headlight, heater
                                           blower, etc.) and check that SRS warning light goes off.

                                             NO        Check for DTCs. If a DTC is output, perform trou-
                                                       bleshooting for the DTC. If a normal code is out-
                                                       put, replace airbag sensor assembly.


  From the results of the above inspection, the malfunctioning part can now be considered normal.
  To make sure of this, use the simulation method to check.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                              Author :            Date :            562

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