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                                                   DIAGNOSTICS     -   SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM

  DTC                      B1100/31                        Airbag Sensor Assembly Malfunction

The airbag sensor assembly consists of a airbag sensor, safing sensor, drive circuit, diagnosis circuit and
ignition control, etc.
It receives signals from the airbag sensor, judges whether or not the SRS must be activated, and detects
diagnosis system malfunction.
DTC B1100/31 is recorded when occurrence of a malfunction in the airbag sensor assembly is detected.
    DTC No.                         DTC Detecting Condition                                        Trouble Area
    B1100/31        S Airbag sensor assembly malfunction                    S Airbag sensor assembly

When a malfunction code other than code B1100/31 is displayed at the same time, first repair the malfunction
indicated by the malfunction code other than code B1100/31.

   1      Prepare for inspection. (See step 1 on page DI-390 )

   2      Check voltage at IG1 and IG2 of airbag sensor assembly.

                      Airbag Sensor Assembly               CHECK:
                                                           (a) Turn the ignition switch to ON.
                                                           (b) Measure the voltage between body ground and each of
                                                               terminals IG1 and IG2 of the airbag sensor assembly con-
                        IG1                 IG2                nector.
          (-)        (+)                                   OK:
                                                               Voltage: 10 - 14 V

 H01298                                        H01299

                                                              NG       Check that an abnormality occurs on the battery
                                                                       and charging system.


 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                              Author :                  Date :      506
                                         DIAGNOSTICS   -   SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM

   3        Is DTC B1100/31 output again?

                     ON                      Clear DTC. (See step 5 on page DI-239 )
                                             (a) Turn the ignition switch to LOCK, and wait at least for 20
                                             (b) Turn the ignition switch to ON, and wait at least for 20 se-
        DLC3              DTC B1100/31       (c) Repeat operation in step (a) and (b) at least 5 times.
                                             (d) Check DTC. (See page DI-239 )
                                             Codes other than code B1100/31 may be output at this time, but
   CG           Tc                           they are not relevant to this check.

H10600 FI1394                       H10635      NO         Using simulation method, reproduce malfunc-
                                                           tion symptoms. (See page IN-19 )


 Replace airbag sensor assembly.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                 Author :           Date :             507

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