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                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   CYLINDER BLOCK

                                 1.    M/T:
                                       REMOVE FLYWHEEL
                                 2.    A/T:
                                       REMOVE DRIVE PLATE
                                 3.    INSTALL ENGINE TO ENGINE STAND FOR
                                 4.    REMOVE TIMING CHAIN (See page EM-15 )
                                 5.    REMOVE CYLINDER HEAD
                                       (See page EM-28 )
                                 6.    REMOVE ENGINE WIRE

                                 7.   REMOVE WATER BYPASS PIPE
                                 Remove the 2 nuts, bolt and water bypass pipe.
                                 8.   REMOVE THERMOSTAT
                                      (See page CO-8 )
                                 9.   REMOVE KNOCK SENSOR (See page SF-57 )
                                 10. REMOVE OIL PRESSURE SWITCH
                                      (See page LU-1 )
                                 11. REMOVE ENGINE COOLANT DRAIN UNION
                        A10451   12. REMOVE OIL FILTER
                                      (See page LU-2 )
                                 13. REMOVE OIL FILTER UNION
                                 Using a 12 mm hexagon wrench, remove the oil filter union.


                                 14. REMOVE OIL PAN NO. 2
                                 (a) Remove the 9 bolts and 2 nuts.
                                 (b) Insert the blade of SST between the oil pan No. 1 and oil
                                     pan No. 2, and cut off applied sealer and remove the oil
                                     SST 09032-00100
                                  S  Be careful not to the damage the oil pan contact sur-
                        A11269       face of the oil pan No. 1.
                                  S  Be careful not to damage the oil pan No. 2 flange.
2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :          Date :             677
                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   CYLINDER BLOCK

                                 15. REMOVE OIL STRAINER
                                 Remove the 2 nuts, oil strainer and gasket.


                                 16.   REMOVE OIL PAN NO. 1
                                 (a)   Uniformly loosen and remove the 13 bolts, in several
                                       passes, in the sequence shown.


                                 (b)   Using screwdriver remove the oil pan No. 1 by prying the
                                       portions between the cylinder block and oil pan No. 1.
                                 (c)   Remove the 2 O-rings from cylinder block.


                                 17. CHECK CONNECTING ROD THRUST CLEARANCE
                                 Using a dial indicator, measure the thrust clearance while mov-
                                 ing the connecting rod back and forth.
                                        Standard thrust clearance:
                                        0.16 - 0.36 mm (0.0063 - 0.0142 in.)
                                        Maximum thrust clearance:
                                        0.36 mm (0.0142 in.)
                                 If the thrust clearance is greater than maximum, replace the
                        A10452   connecting rod assembly(s). If necessary, replace the crank-
                                 18. REMOVE CONNECTING ROD CAPS AND CHECK OIL
                                 (a) Check the matchmarks on the connecting rod and cap are
                                        aligned to ensure correct reassembly.
                                 (b) Remove the 2 connecting rod cap bolts.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :             Date :             678
                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   CYLINDER BLOCK

                                 (c)   Using the 2 removed connecting rod cap bolts, remove
                                       the connecting rod cap and lower bearing by wiggling the
                                       connecting rod cap right and left.
                                 Keep the lower bearing inserted with the connecting rod cap.
                                 (d) Clean the crank pin and bearing.
                                 (e) Check the crank pin and bearing for pitting and scratches.
                                 If the crank pin or bearing is damaged, replace the bearings.
                        A10454   If necessary, replace the crankshaft.

                                 (f)   Lay a strip of Plastigage the crank pin.


                                 (g)  Install the connecting rod cap with the 2 bolts.
                                      (See page EM-78 )
                                      1ST 15 N

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