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                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   CYLINDER HEAD

                                 1.    DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT
                                 2.    REMOVE WATER FILLER
                                 (a)   Disconnect the No. 3 radiator hose.
                                 (b)   Remove the 2 bolts and water filler.
                                 3.    REMOVE OUTER FRONT COWL TOP PANEL
                                       (See page BO-31 )
                                 4.    REMOVE DRIVE BELT AND ALTERNATOR
                                       (See page CH-7 )
                                 5.    REMOVE AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY
                                 6.    DISCONNECT ACCELERATOR CABLE

                                 7.    DISCONNECT CENTER EXHAUST PIPE FROM
                                       EXHAUST MANIFOLD
                                 (a)   Remove the 2 bolts and 2 springs holding the front ex-
                                       haust pipe to the exhaust manifold.
                                 (b)   Remove the gasket.


                                 8.  REMOVE EXHAUST MANIFOLD STAY
                                 Remove the 3 bolts and exhaust manifold stay.


                                 9.    REMOVE EXHAUST MANIFOLD
                                 (a)   Remove the 4 bolts and upper heat insulator.
                                 (b)   Remove the 3 bolts 2 nuts, exhaust manifold and gasket.
                                 10.   REMOVE IGNITION COIL (See page IG-5 )
                                 11.   REMOVE SPARK PLUGS
                                       (See page IG-1 )
                                 12.   REMOVE PCV HOSES
                                 13.   REMOVE THROTTLE BODY
                        A11227         (See page SF-34 )

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :           Date :              642
                             ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   CYLINDER HEAD

                                         14.   DISCONNECT ENGINE WIRE FROM CYLINDER HEAD
                                         (a)   Disconnect the ECT sensor connector
                                         (b)   Disconnect the camshaft position sensor connector
                                         (c)   Disconnect the oil control valve connector.
                                         (d)   Disconnect the 4 injector connectors.
                                         (e)   Disconnect the 2 ground wires
                                         (f)   Remove the 2 nuts, and disconnect the engine wire pro-
                                               tector from the 2 brackets on the intake manifold.

                                         15.   REMOVE INTAKE MANIFOLD
                                         (a)   Disconnect the EVAP hose for ORVR
                                         (b)   Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose
                                         (c)   Remove the 3 bolts, 2 nuts, intake manifold and gasket.
                                         16.   REMOVE CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR
                                         17.   REMOVE ECT SENSOR
                                         18.   REMOVE OIL CONTROL VALVE
                                         19.   REMOVE PCV VALVE
                                A11264   20.   REMOVE OIL FILLER CAP
                                         21.   REMOVE HEAD COVER (See page EM-15 )
                                         22.   REMOVE INJECTOR (See page SF-20 )
                                         23.   REMOVE TIMING CHAIN COVER (See page EM-15 )
                                         24.   REMOVE CAMSHAFT TIMING SPROCKET AND
                                               VALVE TIMING CONTROL ASSEMBLY
                                         Hold the hexagonal head portion of the camshaft with a wrench,
                                         and remove the 2 bolts and timing sprocket and valve timing
                                         controller assembly.
                                          S    Be careful not to damage the cylinder head and valve
                                               lifter with the wrench.
                                          S    Do not disassembly the valve timing controller as-

                                         25. REMOVE CAMSHAFTS
                                         Uniformly loosen and remove the 19 bearing cap bolts, in sever-
           2     5   9   7
                                3        al passes, in the sequence shown, and remove the 9 bearing
                                         caps, intake and exhaust camshafts.
                                 3       26. REMOVE CYLINDER HEAD
                                         (a) Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the water hose
                                 3             union
           1     4   8   6
                                         (b) Disconnect the heater water hose from the water hose
                                A12943         union

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                           Author :            Date :             643
                              ENGINE MECHANICAL     -   CYLINDER HEAD

                                           (c)   Using a 8 mm bi-hexagon wrench, uniformly loosen and
                                                 remove the 10 cylinder head bolts, in several passes, in
        3    7       9    6   2                  the sequence shown. Remove the 10 cylinder head bolts
                                                 and plate washers.
                                           Head warpage or cracking could result from removing
        1    5       10   8   4            bolts in an incorrect order.
                                           (d) Remove the bolt holding the water bypass pipe to the cyl-
                                  A11228         inder head.

                                           (e)   Lift the cylinder head from the dowels on the cylinder
                                                 block and replace the cylinder head on wooden blocks on
                                                 a bench.
                                           If the cylinder head is difficult to lift of, pry between the cylinder
                                           head and cylinder block with a screwdriver.
                                           Be careful not to damage the contact surfaces of the cylin-
                                  A12944   der head and cylinder block.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                               Author :               Date :                644

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