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                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   COMPRESSION

                                 COMPRESSION                                                 EM168-01

                                 If there is lack of power, excessive oil consumption or poor fuel
                                 economy, measure the compression pressure.
                                 1.     WARM UP AND STOP ENGINE
                                 Allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temperature.
                                 2.     REMOVE NO. 2 CYLINDER HEAD COVER
                                 3.     REMOVE IGNITION COIL (See page IG-6 )
                                 4.     REMOVE SPARK PLUGS

                                 5.    INSPECT CYLINDER COMPRESSION PRESSURE
                                 (a)   Insert a compression gauge into the spark plug hole.
                                 (b)   Fully open the throttle.
                                 (c)   While cranking the engine, measure the compression
                                 Always use a fully charged battery to obtain engine speed of
                                 250 rpm or more.
                        A11217   (d) Repeat steps (a) through (c) for each cylinder.
                                 This measurement must be done in as short a time as pos-
                                       Compression pressure:
                                       1,471 kPa (15.0 kgf/cm2, 213 psi)
                                       Minimum pressure:
                                       1,079 kPa (11.0 kgf/cm2, 156 psi)
                                       Difference between each cylinder:
                                       98 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm2, 14 psi) or less
                                 (e) If the cylinder compression in one more cylinders is low,
                                       pour a small amount of engine oil into the cylinder through
                                       the spark plug hole and repeat steps (a) through (c) for
                                       cylinders with low compression.
                                        S    If adding oil helps the compression, it is likely that
                                             the piston rings and/or cylinder bore are worn or
                                        S    If pressure stays low, a valve may be sticking or
                                             seating is improper, or there may be leakage past
                                             the gasket.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :             Date :               617
                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   COMPRESSION

                               6.    REINSTALL SPARK PLUGS
                               7.    REINSTALL IGNITION COIL (See page IG-7 )
                               8.    REINSTALL NO. 2 CYLINDER HEAD COVER

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :     Date :          618

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