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                                  INTRODUCTION    -   FOR ALL OF VEHICLES

                                          FOR ALL OF VEHICLES                                         IN0IC-01

                                          1.    FOR VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH SRS AIRBAG AND
                                                SEAT BELT PRETENSIONER
                                          (a)   The ECHO is equipped with an SRS (Supplemental Re-
                                                straint System), such as the driver airbag, front passen-
                                                ger airbag assembly and seat belt pretensioners.
                                                Failure to carry out service operations in the correct se-
                                                quence could cause the supplemental restraint system to
                                                unexpectedly deploy during servicing, possibly leading to
                                                a serious accident.
                                                Further, if a mistake is made in servicing the supplemental
                                                restraint system, it is possible the SRS may fail to operate
                                                when required. Before servicing (including removal or
                                                installation of parts, inspection or replacement), be sure
                                                to read the following items carefully, then follow the cor-
                                                rect procedure described in this manual.

                     Negative Cable
                                          (b)   GENERAL NOTICE
                                                (1) Malfunction symptoms of the supplemental re-
                                                    straint system are difficult to confirm, so the diag-
                                                    nostic trouble codes become the most important
                                                    source of information when troubleshooting. When
                                                    troubleshooting the supplemental restraint system,
                                                    always inspect the diagnostic trouble codes before
                                                    disconnecting the battery (See page DI-239 ).
                                 BO4111         (2) Work must be started after 90 seconds from the
                                                    time the ignition switch is turned to the "LOCK" posi-
                                                    tion and the negative (-) terminal cable is discon-
                                                    nected from the battery.
                                                    (The supplemental restraint system is equipped
                                                    with a back-up power source so that if work is
                                                    started within 90 seconds of disconnecting the neg-
                                                    ative (-) terminal cable from the battery, the SRS
                                                    may deploy.)
                                                    When the negative (-) terminal cable is discon-
                                                    nected from the battery, memory of the clock and
                                                    audio systems will be cancelled. So before starting
                                                    work, make a record of the contents memorized by
                                                    the each memory system. Then when work is fin-
                                                    ished, reset the clock and audio systems as before.
                                                    To avoid erasing the memory of each memory sys-
                                                    tem, never use a back-up power supply from anoth-
                                                    er battery.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                             Author :             Date :                 10
                                                                                             IN-1 1
                             INTRODUCTION   -   FOR ALL OF VEHICLES

                                        (3)  Even in cases of a minor collision where the SRS
                                             does not deploy, the steering wheel pad, front pas-
                                             senger airbag assembly, front airbag sensor and
                                             seat belt pretensioner should be inspected (See
                                             page RS-15 , RS-29 , RS-58 and BO-1 17).
                                        (4) Never use SRS parts from another vehicle. When
                                             replacing parts, replace them with new parts.
                                        (5) Before repairs, remove the airbag sensor if shocks
                                             are likely to be applied to the sensor during repairs.
                                        (6) Never disassemble and repair the airbag sensor as-
                                             sembly, steering wheel pad, front passenger airbag
                                             assembly, front airbag sensor or seat belt preten-
                                        (7) If the airbag sensor assembly, steering wheel pad,
                                             front passenger airbag assembly, front airbag sen-
                                             sor or seat belt pretensioner has been dropped, or
                                             if there are cracks, dents or other defects in the
                                             case, bracket or connector, replace them with new
                                        (8) Do not directly expose the airbag sensor assembly,
                                             steering wheel pad, front passenger airbag assem-
                                             bly, front airbag sensor or seat belt pretensioner to
                                             hot air or flames.
                                        (9) Use a volt/ohmmeter with high impedance (10 k/V
                                             minimum) for troubleshooting of the electrical cir-
                                        (10) Information labels are attached to the periphery of
                                             the SRS components. Follow the instructions on the
                                        (11) After work on the supplemental restraint system is
                                             completed, check the SRS warning light (See page
                                             DI-239 ).

                                  (c)   SPIRAL CABLE (in Combination Switch)
                                        The steering wheel must be fitted correctly to the steering
                                        column with the spiral cable at the neutral position, other-
                                        wise cable disconnection and other troubles may result.
                                        Refer to SR-20 of this manual concerning correct steer-
                                        ing wheel installation.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                      Author :           Date :               11
                        INTRODUCTION   -   FOR ALL OF VEHICLES

                             (d)   STEERING WHEEL PAD (with Airbag)
                                   (1) When removing the steering wheel pad or handling
                                       a new steering wheel pad, it should be placed with
                                       the pad top surface facing up.
                                       Storing the pad with its metallic surface facing up-
                                       ward may lead to a serious accident if the airbag de-
                                       ploys for some reason. In addition do not store a
                                       steering wheel pad on top of another one.
                                   (2) Never measure the resistance of the airbag squib.
                                       (This may cause the airbag to deploy, which is very
                                   (3) Grease should not be applied to the steering wheel
                                       pad and the pad should not be cleaned with deter-
                                       gents of any kind.
                                   (4) Store the steering wheel pad where the ambient
                                       temperature remains below 93

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