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IN-18                                       INTRODUCTION   -   HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT ECU CONTROLLED


A large number of ECU controlled systems are used in the ECHO. In general, the ECU controlled system
is considered to be a very intricate system requiring a high level of technical knowledge and expert skill to
troubleshoot. However, the fact is that if you proceed to inspect the circuits one by one, troubleshooting of
these systems is not complex. If you have adequate understanding of the system and a basic knowledge
of electricity, accurate diagnosis and necessary repair can be performed to locate and fix the problem. This
manual is designed through emphasis of the above standpoint to help service technicians perform accurate
and effective troubleshooting, and is compiled for the following major ECU controlled systems:
The troubleshooting procedure and how to make use of it are described on the following pages.
                                   System                                            Page
1. Engine                                                                             DI-1
2. Automatic Transaxle                                                               DI-147
3. Anti-Lock Brake System                                                            DI-199
4. Supplemental Restraint System                                                     DI-237
5. Theft Deterrent System                                                            DI-402

 S  Before using the scan tool or tester, the scan tool's instruction book or tester's operator manual should
    be read thoroughly.
 S  If the scan tool or tester cannot communicate with ECU controlled systems when you have connected
    the cable of the scan tool or tester to DLC3, turned the ignition switch ON and operated the scan tool,
    there is a problem on the vehicle side or tool side.
    (1) If communication is normal when the tool is connected to another vehicle, inspect the diagnosis
           data link line (Bus line) or ECU power circuit of the vehicle.
    (2) If communication is still not possible when the tool is connected to another vehicle, the problem
           is probably in the tool itself, so perform the Self Test procedures outline in the Tester Operator's

 2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                     Author :            Date :             18

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