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                Guilin Strong Micro-Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Excellent HFE Linearity HFE HFE(0.1mA)/ hFE(2mA)=0.95(Typ.)
High HFE  HFEHFE=200700
Low Noise NF=1dB(Typ.),10dB(Max.).
Complementary to GM9015  GM9015 

MAXIMUM        RATINGS (Ta=25) 

CHARACTERISTIC                       Symbol           Rating   Unit

Collector-Base Voltage
                                      VCBO              50     Vdc

Collector-Emitter Voltage
                                      VCEO              45     Vdc

Emitter-Base Voltage
                                      VEBO              5.0    Vdc

Collector Current-Continuous
                                        Ic             150     mAdc

Base Current
                                        IB              30     mAdc

Collector Power Dissipation
                                       PC              225     mW

Junction Temperature
                                        Tj             150      

Storage Temperature Range
                                       Tstg          -55150     

                   Guilin Strong Micro-Electronics Co.,Ltd.

   =25 unless otherwise noted  25)
(TA=25                           )

Characteristic                         Symbol       Test Condition   Min Typ Max Unit

Collector Cutoff Current
                                         ICBO       VCB=50V,IE=0      --   --    0.1    A

Emitter Cutoff Current
                                         IEBO       VEB=5V,IC=0       --   --    0.1    A

Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage
                                       V(BR)CBO      IC=100A          50   --    --      V

Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage
                                       V(BR)CEO       IC=1.0mA        45   --    --      V

Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage
                                       V(BR)EBO      IE=100A          5    --    --      V
DC Current Gain
                                         hFE       VCE=6V,IC=2mA     200   --    700    --

Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage
                                       VCE(sat) IC=100mA, IB=5mA      --   --    0.3     V

Base-Emitter Voltage
                                         VBE      VCE=5.0V,IC=10mA    --   --    0.82    V

Transition Frequency
                                          fT      VCE=5.0V,IC=10mA   100   180   --     MHz

Collector Output Capacitance                       VCB=10V,IE=0,
                                         Cob                          --   4.0   7.0    pF
            Guilin Strong Micro-Electronics Co.,Ltd.


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