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Low voltage                                                                      1. BASE

MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25 unless otherwise noted)                                   2. COLLECTOR        1
Symbol                 Parameter                   Value            Units        3. EMITTER
VCBO      Collector-Base Voltage                     30                  V

VCEO      Collector-Emitter Voltage                  30                  V
VEBO      Emitter-Base Voltage                         5                 V
IC        Collector Current -Continuous              1.5                 A
PC        Collector Power Dissipation                0.5              W
TJ        Junction Temperature                       150              
Tstg      Storage Temperature                     -55-150             

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tamb=25 unless otherwise specified)

           Parameter                      Symbol             Test   conditions                MIN        TYP     MAX   UNIT

Collector-base breakdown voltage          V(BR)CBO         IC=1mA,IE=0                        30                        V

Collector-emitter breakdown voltage       V(BR)CEO         IC=10mA,IB=0                       30                        V

Emitter-base breakdown voltage            V(BR)EBO         IE=1mA,IC=0                         5                        V

Collector cut-off current                   ICBO           VCB=30V,IE=0                                          0.1   A

Emitter cut-off current                     IEBO           VEB=5V,IC=0                                           0.1   A

DC current gain                             hFE            VCE=2V,IC=0.5A                     100                320

Collector-emitter saturation voltage      VCE(sat)         IC=1.5A,IB=30mA                                        2     V

Base-emitter voltage                        VBE            VCE=2V,IC=0.5A                                         1     V

Transition frequency                         fT            VCE=2V,IC=500mA                               120           MHz

Collector output capacitance                Cob            VCB=10V,IE=0,f=1MHz                                   40     pF

 Rank                                              O                                                     Y

 Range                                      100-200                                                 160-320

 Marking                                          GO                                                  GY




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