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                                                                       Sheet 1.     Cover & Contents
                                                                       Sheet 2.     BLOCK DIAGRAM
                                                                       Sheet 3-4.   POWER DIAGRAM & PLATFORM INFORMATION
                                                                       Sheet 5.     Clock Generator
                                                                       Sheet   6-7. CPU (Northwood), Thermal Sensor
                                                                                                                                                             6-1 MAIN BOARD

                  TAURUS                                               Sheet   8-10. BROOKDALE (A3)
                                                                       Sheet   11-12.DDR-Termination & SO-DIMM
                                                                                                                                  6-1-1 Schematic Diagrams

                                                                       Sheet   13-15.ICH3

            CPU      : P-IV Northwood                                  Sheet 16.     FirmWare HUB
                                                                       Sheet   17-19.AGP VIDEO
            Chip Set : Brookdale                                       Sheet   20-21.GRAPHICS MEMORY(DDR) & LCD/CRT
                                                                       Sheet   22-23.1394 & CARDBUS & SOCKET
                                                                       Sheet   24-25.AUDIO
           Model Name     :   TAURUS                                   Sheet 26.    SUPER I/O & PIO, SIO
           PBA Name       :   MAIN BOARD                               Sheet 27.    MICOM & LED & USB & KBD
           PCB Code       :   BA41-10013A                              Sheet 28.    BLUEBIRD VL
                              (PBA:BA92-01563A, SMT:BA92-00563B)
                                                                       Sheet 29.    HDD & CD I/F CONN.
           Dev. Step      :   MP
                                                                       Sheet 30.    Kinnereth & MDC
           Revision       :   1.0 - 0321                               Sheet 31.    MINIPCI, DOCKING
           T.R. Date      :   MARCH,21,2001                            Sheet 32.    B D TO B D CONNECTOR
                                                                       Sheet   33.   BYPASS & Bridge Battery
                                                                                                                                                                              6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

                                                                       Sheet   34-35.POWER : DDR, Graphic, Micom, Bluebird, ETC
                                                                       Sheet   36.   Charging
                DRAW          CHECK       APPROVAL                     Sheet   37-38.Test Points

              Robin,Cho       HK,Park      Kevin,Lee

               Owner :                Signature :                  X

6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(a) Main Board Schematic Sheet 2 of 33(Clock Generator)

6-2                                                            SENS P10
                                                   6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(b) Main Board Schematic Sheet 3 of 33(CPU[Northwood], Thermal sensor)

SENS P10                                                                               6-3
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(c) Main Board Schematic Sheet 4 of 33(CPU[Northwood], Thermal sensor)

6-4                                                                           SENS P10
                                                 6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(d) Main Board Schematic Sheet 5 of 33(BROOKDALE[A3])

SENS P10                                                                             6-5
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(e) Main Board Schematic Sheet 6 of 33(BROOKDALE[A3])

6-6                                                          SENS P10
                                                  6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(f) Main Board Schematic Sheet 7 of 33(BROOKDALE[A3])

SENS P10                                                                              6-7
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(g) Main Board Schematic Sheet 8 of 33(DDR-Termination & SO-DIMM)

6-8                                                                      SENS P10
                                                  6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(h) Main Board Schematic Sheet 9 of 33(DDR-Termination & SO-DIMM)

SENS P10                                                                              6-9
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(i) Main Board Schematic Sheet 10 of 33(ICH3)

6-10                                                 SENS P10
                                                     6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(j) Main Board Schematic Sheet 11 of 33(ICH3)

SENS P10                                                                               6-11
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(k) Main Board Schematic Sheet 12 of 33(ICH3)

6-12                                                 SENS P10
                                                   6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(l) Main Board Schematic Sheet 13 of 33(FirmWare HUB)

SENS P10                                                                             6-13
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(m) Main Board Schematic Sheet 14 of 33(AGP VIDEO)

6-14                                                      SENS P10
                                                  6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(n) Main Board Schematic Sheet 15 of 33(AGP VIDEO)

SENS P10                                                                            6-15
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(o) Main Board Schematic Sheet 16 of 33(AGP VIDEO)

6-16                                                      SENS P10
                                               6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(p) Main Board Schematic Sheet 17 of 33(GRAPHICS MEMORY[DDR] & LCD/CRT)

SENS P10                                                                         6-17
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(q) Main Board Schematic Sheet 18 of 33(GRAPHICS MEMORY[DDR] & LCD/CRT)

6-18                                                                   SENS P10
                                                 6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(r) Main Board Schematic Sheet 19 of 33(1394 & CARDBUS & SOCKET)

SENS P10                                                                           6-19
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(s) Main Board Schematic Sheet 20 of 33(1394 & CARDBUS & SOCKET)

6-20                                                                    SENS P10
                                                      6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(t) Main Board Schematic Sheet 21 of 33(AUDIO)

SENS P10                                                                                6-21
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(u) Main Board Schematic Sheet 22 of 33(AUDIO)

6-22                                                  SENS P10
                                                   6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(v) Main Board Schematic Sheet 23 of 33(SUPER I/O & PIO, SIO)

SENS P10                                                                             6-23
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(w) Main Board Schematic Sheet 24 of 33(MICOM & LED & USB & KBD)

6-24                                                                    SENS P10
                                                  6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(x) Main Board Schematic Sheet 25 of 33(BLUEDIRD VL)

SENS P10                                                                            6-25
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(y) Main Board Schematic Sheet 26 of 33(HDD & CD I/F CONN.)

6-26                                                               SENS P10
                                                   6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(z) Main Board Schematic Sheet 27 of 33(Kinnereth & MDC)

SENS P10                                                                             6-27
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(aa) Main Board Schematic Sheet 28 of 33(MINIPCI, DOCKING)

6-28                                                              SENS P10
                                                6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(bb) Main Board Schematic Sheet 29 of 33(BD TO BD CONNECTOR)

SENS P10                                                                          6-29
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(cc) Main Board Schematic Sheet 30 of 33(BYPASS & Bridge Battery)

6-30                                                                     SENS P10
                                                     6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(dd) Main Board Schematic Sheet 31 of 33(POWER:DDR, Graphic, Micom, Bluebird, ETC)

SENS P10                                                                               6-31
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(ee) Main Board Schematic Sheet 32 of 33(POWER:DDR, Graphic, Micom, Bluebird, ETC)

6-32                                                                           SENS P10
                                                     6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-1(ff) Main Board Schematic Sheet 33 of 33(Charging)

SENS P10                                                                               6-33
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-2 PCB SilkScreen

6-34                                      SENS P10
           6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

SENS P10                                     6-35
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

6-1-3 Signal Location

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name          Sheet     Net Name         Sheet
 AGP1_ST(1)            sheet10    MEM2_CB(7:0)      sheet11   MEM2_BS0         sheet12
 AGP1_ST(0)            sheet10    MEM2_RCB(7:0)     sheet11   MEM2_BS1         sheet12
 AGP1_ST(2)            sheet10    MEM2_RBS0         sheet11   MEM2_RSWEA*      sheet12
 AGP1_GAD(31:0)        sheet10    MEM2_RBS1         sheet11   MEM2_RSCASA*     sheet12
 AGP1_GCBE*(3:0)       sheet10    MEM2_RSWEA*       sheet11   MEM2_RSRASA*     sheet12
 AGP1_GGNT*            sheet10    MEM2_RSCASA*      sheet11   MEM2_RBS0        sheet12
 AGP1_GREQ*            sheet10    MEM2_RSRASA*      sheet11   MEM2_RBS1        sheet12
 AGP1_RBF*             sheet10    MEM2_BS0          sheet11   MEM2_SWEA*       sheet12
 AGP1_PIPE*            sheet10    MEM2_BS1          sheet11   MEM2_SCASA*      sheet12
 AGP1_WBF*             sheet10    MEM2_SWEA*        sheet11   MEM2_SRASA*      sheet12
 AGP1_GFRAME*          sheet10    MEM2_SCASA*       sheet11   SMB3_CLK         sheet12
 AGP1_GDEVSEL*         sheet10    MEM2_SRASA*       sheet11   SMB3_DATA        sheet12
 AGP1_GIRDY*           sheet10    MEM2_RMD(63:0)    sheet11   SMB3_CLK         sheet12
 AGP1_GTRDY*           sheet10    MEM2_RMAA(12:0)   sheet11   SMB3_DATA        sheet12
 AGP1_GSTOP*           sheet10    MEM2_RDQS(8:0)    sheet11   CLK2_MCLK3       sheet12
 AGP1_GPAR             sheet10    MEM2_RCB(7:0)     sheet11   CLK2_MCLK3*      sheet12
 HUB1_HL(0:10)         sheet10    MEM2_CSA0*        sheet11   CLK2_MCLK4       sheet12
 HUB1_STB              sheet10    MEM2_CSA2*        sheet11   CLK2_MCLK4*      sheet12
 HUB1_STB*             sheet10    MEM2_CSA3*        sheet11   MEM2_RMD(63:0)   sheet12
 AGP1_SBSTB*           sheet10    MEM2_CSA1*        sheet11   MEM2_MAA(12:0)   sheet12
 AGP1_SBSTB            sheet10    MEM2_CKE0         sheet11   MEM2_RDQS(8:0)   sheet12
 AGP1_ST(2:0)          sheet10    MEM2_CKE1         sheet11   MEM2_RCB(7:0)    sheet12
 CLK3_MCH66            sheet10    MEM2_CKE2         sheet11   MEM_VREF         sheet12
 AGP1_ADSTB0           sheet10    MEM2_CKE3         sheet11   MEM2_CKE0        sheet12
 AGP1_ADSTB0*          sheet10    MEM2_RBS0         sheet11   MEM2_CKE1        sheet12
 AGP1_ADSTB1           sheet10    MEM2_RSCASA*      sheet11   MEM_VREF         sheet12
 AGP1_ADSTB1*          sheet10    MEM2_RSRASA*      sheet11   CLK2_MCLK0       sheet12
 AGP_REF               sheet10    MEM2_RBS1         sheet11   CLK2_MCLK0*      sheet12
 HUB_REF_MCH           sheet10    MEM2_RSWEA*       sheet11   CLK2_MCLK5       sheet12
 HUB_REF_MCH           sheet10    MEM2_RMD(63:0)    sheet12   CLK2_MCLK5*      sheet12
 AGP_VREF              sheet10    MEM2_RMAA(12:0)   sheet12   CLK2_MCLK1*      sheet12
 AGP1_SBA(0:7)         sheet10    MEM2_RDQS(8:0)    sheet12   CLK2_MCLK1       sheet12
 PCI3_RST*             sheet10    MEM2_RCB(7:0)     sheet12   CLK2_MCLK2       sheet12
 MEM2_MD(63:0)         sheet11    MEM2_CSA0*        sheet12   CLK2_MCLK2*      sheet12
 MEM2_RMD(63:0)        sheet11    MEM2_CSA1*        sheet12   HUB_VSWING       sheet13
 MEM2_MAA(12:0)        sheet11    MEM2_CSA2*        sheet12   HUB_REF          sheet13
 MEM2_RMAA(12:0)       sheet11    MEM2_CSA3*        sheet12   CPU1_FERR*       sheet13
 MEM2_DQS(8:0)         sheet11    MEM2_CKE2         sheet12   CPU1_SLP#        sheet13
 MEM2_RDQS(8:0)        sheet11    MEM2_CKE3         sheet12   KBC3_WAKESCI*    sheet13

6-36                                                                           SENS P10
                                               6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name         Sheet     Net Name        Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 CLK3_APIC_ICH    sheet13   PCI3_REQ1*      sheet13    PCI3_CBE2*           sheet13
 LAN3_RXD1        sheet13   PCI3_REQ0*      sheet13    PCI3_CBE1*           sheet13
 LAN3_TXD2        sheet13   PCI3_GNT0*      sheet13    PCI3_CBE0*           sheet13
 LAN3_TXD1        sheet13   CHP3_SERIRQ     sheet13    PCI3_AD(0:31)        sheet13
 LAN3_TXD0        sheet13   ISA3_IRQ(15)    sheet13    PCI3_RSTF*           sheet13
 LAN3_RXD2        sheet13   ISA3_IRQ(14)    sheet13    PCI3_RST*            sheet13
 LAN3_RXD0        sheet13   PCI3_INTD*      sheet13    CHP3_DPRSLPVR        sheet14
 PCI3_RST*        sheet13   PCI3_INTC*      sheet13    CHP3_SLPS1*          sheet14
 KBC3_LAN_PWROK   sheet13   PCI3_INTB*      sheet13    CHP3_SLPS5*          sheet14
 LAN3_PHYRST      sheet13   PCI3_INTA*      sheet13    CHP3_VBIAS           sheet14
 LAN3_PHYCLK      sheet13   HUB1_STB*       sheet13    CHP3_RTCRST*         sheet14
 CHP3_C3STAT#     sheet13   HUB1_STB        sheet13    CLK3_ICH66           sheet14
 CHP3_SWAPIN*     sheet13   HUB1_HL(0:10)   sheet13    CLK3_ICH48           sheet14
 PCI3_CLKRUN*     sheet13   CPU1_PWRGDCPU   sheet13    CLK3_ICH14           sheet14
 CHP3_PCGNTB*     sheet13   CPU1_DPSLP*     sheet13    LPC3_LAD(0:3)        sheet14
 PCI3_GNT4*       sheet13   CPU1_STPCLK*    sheet13    LPC3_LFRAME*         sheet14
 PCI3_GNT3*       sheet13   CPU1_SMI*       sheet13    LPC3_LDRQ1*          sheet14
 PCI3_GNT2*       sheet13   KBC3_CPURST*    sheet13    LPC3_LDRQ0*          sheet14
 PCI3_GNT1*       sheet13   CPU1_NMI        sheet13    CHP3_SPKR            sheet14
 CHP3_INTRUDER*   sheet13   CPU1_INTR       sheet13    USB3_P0-             sheet14
 CHP3_BATLOW*     sheet13   CPU1_INIT*      sheet13    USB3_P0+             sheet14
 VRM3_PWRGD       sheet13   CPU1_IGNNE*     sheet13    USB3_P1-             sheet14
 CHP3_SMLINK1     sheet13   CPU1_A20M*      sheet13    USB3_P1+             sheet14
 CHP3_SMLINK0     sheet13   KBC3_A20G       sheet13    CHP3_SPKR            sheet14
 HUB_REF          sheet13   CHP3_PME*       sheet13    CHP3_AC97_SDO        sheet14
 HUB_VSWING       sheet13   PCI3_PERR*      sheet13    CHP3_PCGNTA*         sheet14
 AGP3_BUSY*       sheet13   PCI3_RSTF*      sheet13    LPC3_LDRQ1*          sheet14
 SWP3_ID2         sheet13   CLK3_PCLKICH    sheet13    LPC3_LDRQ0*          sheet14
 SWP3_ID1         sheet13   CHP3_PCGNTA*    sheet13    RTCX1                sheet14
 SWP3_ID0         sheet13   CHP3_PCREQA*    sheet13    KBC3_RSMRST*         sheet14
 KBC3_EXTSMI*     sheet13   PCI3_TRDY*      sheet13    CHP3_AC97_SDI1       sheet14
 KBC3_RUNSCI*     sheet13   PCI3_STOP*      sheet13    CHP3_AC97_SDI0       sheet14
 CHP3_CPUPERF*    sheet13   PCI3_SERR*      sheet13    RTCX2                sheet14
 CHP3_PCISTP*     sheet13   PCI3_PLOCK*     sheet13    CHP3_SUSSTAT*        sheet14
 CHP3_CPUSTP*     sheet13   PCI3_PAR        sheet13    LPC3_LFRAME*         sheet14
 CHP3_PCREQB*     sheet13   PCI3_IRDY*      sheet13    CHP3_SLPS3*          sheet14
 PCI3_REQ4*       sheet13   PCI3_FRAME*     sheet13    CHP3_SMLINK0         sheet14
 PCI3_REQ3*       sheet13   PCI3_DEVSEL*    sheet13    CHP3_SMLINK1         sheet14
 PCI3_REQ2*       sheet13   PCI3_CBE3*      sheet13    VRM3_PWRGD           sheet14

SENS P10                                                                         6-37
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name          Sheet     Net Name          Sheet
 CHP3_BATLOW*          sheet14    HDD5_A0           sheet14   SMB3_DATA         sheet14
 CHP3_INTRUDER*        sheet14    HDD5_A1           sheet14   SMB3_CLK          sheet14
 PCI3_STOP*            sheet14    HDD5_A2           sheet14   CHP3_AC97_SYNC    sheet14
 PCI3_SERR*            sheet14    HDD5_CS1*         sheet14   USB3_P3-          sheet14
 PCI3_IRDY*            sheet14    HDD5_CS3*         sheet14   CHP3_IRDETECT#    sheet14
 PCI3_TRDY*            sheet14    HDD5_DACK*        sheet14   CHP3_AC97_BCLK    sheet14
 PCI3_INTB*            sheet14    HDD5_DREQ         sheet14   CHP3_AC97_SDO     sheet14
 PCI3_INTC*            sheet14    HDD5_IOR*         sheet14   CHP3_VBIAS        sheet15
 PCI3_INTD*            sheet14    HDD5_IOW*         sheet14   KBC3_FANA_H*      sheet15
 PCI3_PAR              sheet14    HDD5_IORDY        sheet14   CHP3_OVERT*       sheet15
 PCI3_PLOCK*           sheet14    CDD5_A0           sheet14   KBC5_FANA_M*      sheet15
 PCI3_REQ0*            sheet14    CDD5_A1           sheet14   CHP3_VBIAS        sheet15
 PCI3_REQ1*            sheet14    CDD5_A2           sheet14   RTCX2             sheet15
 PCI3_REQ2*            sheet14    CDD5_IORDY        sheet14   RTCX1             sheet15
 PCI3_REQ3*            sheet14    CDD5_DACK*        sheet14   CHP3_RTCRST*      sheet15
 PCI3_INTA*            sheet14    CDD5_DREQ         sheet14   CHP3_RTCRST*      sheet15
 PCI3_DEVSEL*          sheet14    CDD5_CS1*         sheet14   CHP3_AUTOBIOS*    sheet15
 PCI3_PERR*            sheet14    CDD5_CS3*         sheet14   KBC5_FANB_ON*     sheet15
 PCI3_FRAME*           sheet14    CDD5_IOR*         sheet14   CHP3_RTCRST*      sheet15
 PCI3_REQ4*            sheet14    CDD5_IOW*         sheet14   LPC3_LFRAME*      sheet16
 CHP3_SERIRQ           sheet14    CDD5_D(0:15)      sheet14   LPC3_LAD(0:3)     sheet16
 PCI3_CLKRUN*          sheet14    HDD5_D(0:15)      sheet14   CHP3_BIOSTBL*     sheet16
 CHP3_PCREQB*          sheet14    USB3_OC0*         sheet14   CHP3_BIOSWP*      sheet16
 CHP3_PCGNTB*          sheet14    USB3_OC1*         sheet14   PCI3_RST*         sheet16
 CHP3_PCREQA*          sheet14    CHP3_AC97_RST*    sheet14   KBC3_FWHRST*      sheet16
 PCI3_GNT0*            sheet14    CHP3_AC97_SDI0    sheet14   CLK3_PCLKFWH      sheet16
 PCI3_GNT1*            sheet14    CHP3_AC97_SDI1    sheet14   CPU1_INIT*        sheet16
 PCI3_GNT2*            sheet14    AGP3_BUSY*        sheet14   VGA3_C            sheet17
 PCI3_GNT3*            sheet14    CHP3_CDBUFEN*     sheet14   CLK3_AGP66        sheet17
 PCI3_GNT4*            sheet14    CHP3_USBPWR1*     sheet14   VGA3_DDCD         sheet17
 ISA3_IRQ(14)          sheet14    CHP3_CDRST#       sheet14   VGA3_VSYNC        sheet17
 ISA3_IRQ(15)          sheet14    CHP3_1394_ROMW#   sheet14   AGP1_GAD(31:0)    sheet17
 CHP3_PME*             sheet14    CHP3_BIOSWP*      sheet14   AGP1_GCBE*(3:0)   sheet17
 KBC3_ICHPWR*          sheet14    CHP3_BIOSTBL*     sheet14   AGP1_GGNT*        sheet17
 CHP3_OVERT*           sheet14    CHP3_AUTOBIOS*    sheet14   AGP1_GREQ*        sheet17
 USB3_P2+              sheet14    CHP3_USBPWR0*     sheet14   AGP1_RBF*         sheet17
 USB3_P3+              sheet14    CHP3_BAYPWRON#    sheet14   AGP1_WBF*         sheet17
 USB3_P2-              sheet14    CHP3_HDDRST*      sheet14   AGP1_GFRAME*      sheet17
 KBC3_PWRGD            sheet14    CHP3_USBPWR2*     sheet14   AGP1_GDEVSEL*     sheet17

6-38                                                                            SENS P10
                                                  6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name          Sheet     Net Name          Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 AGP1_GIRDY*       sheet17   VGA3_B2-          sheet17    VGA3_MA(13:0)        sheet19
 AGP1_GTRDY*       sheet17   VGA3_B2+          sheet17    VGA3_MD(63:0)        sheet19
 AGP1_GSTOP*       sheet17   VGA3_B1-          sheet17    VGA3_RAS*            sheet19
 AGP1_GPAR         sheet17   VGA3_B1+          sheet17    VGA3_CAS*            sheet19
 AGP1_SBSTB        sheet17   VGA3_B0-          sheet17    VGA3_WE*             sheet19
 AGP1_ST(2:0)      sheet17   VGA3_B0+          sheet17    VGA3_CS0*            sheet19
 AGP1_ADSTB0       sheet17   VGA3_BKLTON       sheet17    VGA3_CS1*            sheet19
 AGP1_ADSTB1       sheet17   VGA3_SSOUT        sheet17    VGA3_CKE             sheet19
 AGP_VREF          sheet17   VGA3_SSIN         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK0           sheet19
 AGP_REF           sheet17   VGA5_DDCC         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK0*          sheet19
 PCI3_INTA*        sheet17   VGA5_DDCD         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK1           sheet19
 PCI3_INTB*        sheet17   VGA3_DDCC         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK1*          sheet19
 CHP3_C3STAT#      sheet17   VGA3_DDCD         sheet17    VGA3_QSA(2:5)        sheet19
 CHP3_SUSSTAT*     sheet17   VGA3_COMP         sheet17    VGA3_MD(63:0)        sheet19
 AGP3_BUSY*        sheet17   VGA3_TX1P         sheet17    VGA3_RMD(63:0)       sheet19
 VGA3_SSIN         sheet17   VGA3_TX2N         sheet17    VGA3_MA(13:0)        sheet19
 VGA3_SSOUT        sheet17   VGA3_TX0P         sheet17    VGA3_DQM(7:0)        sheet19
 AGP1_SBA(0:7)     sheet17   VGA3_TX1N         sheet17    VGA3_RDQM(7:0)       sheet19
 CHP3_SUSSTAT*     sheet17   VGA3_TXCN         sheet17    VGA3_CKE             sheet19
 VGA3_Y            sheet17   VGA3_TXCP         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK0           sheet19
 AGP3_GPIO(0:15)   sheet17   VGA3_TX2P         sheet17    VGA3_MCLK0*          sheet19
 VGA5_HSYNC        sheet17   VGA3_DVICLK       sheet17    VGA3_CS0*            sheet19
 VGA5_VSYNC        sheet17   VGA3_DVIDATA      sheet17    VGA3_RAS*            sheet19
 VGA3_VSYNC        sheet17   VGA3_CHARGE_POW sheet17      VGA3_CAS*            sheet19
 VGA3_HSYNC        sheet17   VGA3_DVICLK       sheet17    VGA3_WE*             sheet19
 VGA3_GREEN        sheet17   VGA3_DVIDATA      sheet17    VGA3_MCLK1           sheet19
 VGA3_DDCC         sheet17   AGP1_ADSTB1*      sheet17    VGA3_MCLK1*          sheet19
 VGA3_HSYNC        sheet17   AGP1_ADSTB0*      sheet17    VGA3_CS1*            sheet19
 VGA3_LCDVDDON     sheet17   AGP1_SBSTB*       sheet17    VGA3_QSA(2:5)        sheet19
 VGA3_ACLK-        sheet17   VGA5_DVICLK       sheet17    VGA3_RQSA(5:2)       sheet19
 VGA3_ACLK+        sheet17   VGA5_DVIDATA      sheet17    VGA3_CAS*            sheet20
 VGA3_A2-          sheet17   VGA3_RED          sheet17    VGA3_CKE             sheet20
 VGA3_A2+          sheet17   VGA3_BLUE         sheet17    VGA3_CS0*            sheet20
 VGA3_A1-          sheet17   PCI3_RST*         sheet17    VGA3_RDQM(0)         sheet20
 VGA3_A1+          sheet17   VGA3_TX0N         sheet17    VGA3_RDQM(1)         sheet20
 VGA3_A0-          sheet17   AGP3_GPIO(0:15)   sheet18    VGA3_RDQM(2)         sheet20
 VGA3_A0+          sheet17   PANEL_DETECT0#    sheet18    VGA3_RDQM(3)         sheet20
 VGA3_BCLK-        sheet17   PANEL_DETECT1#    sheet18    VGA3_RQSA(2)         sheet20
 VGA3_BCLK+        sheet17   VGA3_DQM(7:0)     sheet19    VGA3_RAS*            sheet20

SENS P10                                                                            6-39
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name         Sheet     Net Name          Sheet
 VGA_MVREF             sheet20    VGA3_A2-         sheet21   PCI3_RST*         sheet22
 VGA3_WE*              sheet20    VGA3_A2+         sheet21   PCI3_PERR*        sheet22
 VGA3_CAS*             sheet20    VGA3_ACLK-       sheet21   CHP3_PME*         sheet22
 VGA3_CKE              sheet20    LCD5_BRIT        sheet21   PCI3_REQ0*        sheet22
 VGA3_MCLK1            sheet20    VGA3_ACLK+       sheet21   PCI3_SERR*        sheet22
 VGA3_MCLK1*           sheet20    VGA3_A0-         sheet21   CBS3_SPKR         sheet22
 VGA3_CS0*             sheet20    VGA3_A0+         sheet21   PCI3_STOP*        sheet22
 VGA3_RQSA(5)          sheet20    VGA3_A1-         sheet21   1394_0TPB-        sheet22
 VGA3_RAS*             sheet20    VGA3_A1+         sheet21   1394_0TPA-        sheet22
 VGA_MVREF             sheet20    LCD5_BKLTON      sheet21   1394_TPB-         sheet22
 VGA3_WE*              sheet20    LCD_VDD3V        sheet21   1394_0TPB+        sheet22
 VGA3_RMD(63:0)        sheet20    PANEL_DETECT0#   sheet21   1394_0TPA+        sheet22
 VGA3_MA(13:0)         sheet20    IVT_VDC          sheet21   1394_TPB+         sheet22
 VGA3_CKE              sheet20    KBC3_BKLTON      sheet21   1394_TPA-         sheet22
 VGA_MVREF             sheet20    VGA5_DDCD        sheet21   1394_TPA+         sheet22
 VGA3_RDQM(7)          sheet20    VGA5_DDCC        sheet21   PCI3_TRDY*        sheet22
 VGA3_RDQM(6)          sheet20    LCD_VDD3V        sheet21   PCI3_AD(0:31)     sheet22
 VGA3_RDQM(5)          sheet20    VGA3_RED         sheet21   PCI3_AD(19)       sheet22
 VGA3_RDQM(4)          sheet20    VGA3_GREEN       sheet21   CHP3_1394_ROMW#   sheet22
 VGA3_MCLK0*           sheet20    VGA5_HSYNC       sheet21   CB3_VCCD0*        sheet23
 VGA3_MCLK0            sheet20    VGA5_VSYNC       sheet21   CB3_VCCD1*        sheet23
 VGA3_CS1*             sheet20    PANEL_DETECT1#   sheet21   CB3_VPPD0         sheet23
 VGA3_RCS1             sheet20    VGA3_LCDVDDON    sheet21   CB3_VPPD1         sheet23
 VGA3_RCS1             sheet20    VGA3_CRTSENSE#   sheet21   CB3_CAD(0:31)     sheet23
 VGA3_RCS1             sheet20    PCI3_CLKRUN*     sheet22   CB3_D19           sheet23
 LCD5_BKLTON           sheet21    PCI3_CBE0*       sheet22   CB3_D2            sheet23
 LCD_VDD3V             sheet21    PCI3_CBE1*       sheet22   CB3_D14           sheet23
 LCD5_BRIT             sheet21    PCI3_CBE2*       sheet22   CB3_A18           sheet23
 KBC3_BRIT             sheet21    PCI3_CBE3*       sheet22   CB3_VCCD0*        sheet23
 VGA3_BLUE             sheet21    PCI3_DEVSEL*     sheet22   CB3_VCCD1*        sheet23
 VGA3_BKLTON           sheet21    PCI3_FRAME*      sheet22   CB3_VPPD0         sheet23
 VGA3_B0-              sheet21    KBC3_PWRGD       sheet22   CB3_VPPD1         sheet23
 VGA3_B0+              sheet21    PCI3_GNT0*       sheet22   CB12_VPP          sheet23
 VGA3_B1-              sheet21    PCI3_INTA*       sheet22   CB3_VCC           sheet23
 VGA3_B1+              sheet21    PCI3_INTC*       sheet22   CB3_CCD2*         sheet23
 VGA3_B2-              sheet21    PCI3_IRDY*       sheet22   CB3_CCD1*         sheet23
 VGA3_B2+              sheet21    CHP3_SERIRQ      sheet22   CB3_CAD(0:31)     sheet23
 VGA3_BCLK-            sheet21    PCI3_PAR         sheet22   CB3_CRST*         sheet23
 VGA3_BCLK+            sheet21    CLK3_PCLKCB      sheet22   CB3_CCLK          sheet23

6-40                                                                           SENS P10
                                               6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name       Sheet     Net Name          Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 CB3_CVS2       sheet23   CB3_CPAR          sheet23    BVL3_AC97_RST*       sheet24
 CB3_CVS1       sheet23   CB3_CIRDY*        sheet23    PORT_MIC             sheet24
 CB3_CTRDY*     sheet23   CB3_CINT*         sheet23    AUD5_MIC             sheet24
 CB3_CSTSCHG    sheet23   CB3_CGNT*         sheet23    AUD5_LINE_OUT_R      sheet24
 CB3_CSTOP*     sheet23   CB3_CFRAME*       sheet23    AUD5_LINE_OUT_L      sheet24
 CB3_CSERR*     sheet23   CB3_CDEVSEL*      sheet23    AUD5_CDR             sheet24
 CB3_CRST*      sheet23   CB3_CCLKRUN*      sheet23    AUD5_CDL             sheet24
 CB3_CREQ*      sheet23   CB3_CCLK          sheet23    AUD5_CDCOM           sheet24
 CB3_CPERR*     sheet23   CB3_CCD2*         sheet23    BVL3_AC97_BCLK       sheet24
 CB3_CPAR       sheet23   CB3_CCD1*         sheet23    AUD5_MIC             sheet25
 CB3_CIRDY*     sheet23   CB3_CCBE3*        sheet23    PORT_HP_PLUGIN       sheet25
 CB3_CINT*      sheet23   CB3_CCBE2*        sheet23    AUD5_LINE_OUT_R      sheet25
 CB3_CGNT*      sheet23   CB3_CCBE1*        sheet23    AUD5_LINE_OUT_L      sheet25
 CB3_CFRAME*    sheet23   CB3_CCBE0*        sheet23    AUD5_INTMIC          sheet25
 CB3_CDEVSEL*   sheet23   CB3_D19           sheet23    AUD3_SPDIF           sheet25
 CB3_CCBE3*     sheet23   CB3_CAUDIO        sheet23    AUD5_SPK_L+          sheet25
 CB3_CCBE2*     sheet23   AUD5_CDL          sheet24    AUD5_SPK_R-          sheet25
 CB3_CCBE1*     sheet23   AUD5_CDR          sheet24    AUD5_SPK_R+          sheet25
 CB3_CCBE0*     sheet23   AUD5_CDCOM        sheet24    KBC3_SPKMUTE         sheet25
 CB3_CCLKRUN*   sheet23   CD5_L             sheet24    AUD3_SPDIFEN*        sheet25
 CB3_CCD2*      sheet23   CD5_R             sheet24    AUD5_SPK_L-          sheet25
 CB3_CCD1*      sheet23   CD5_COM           sheet24    FDD5_J3MODE          sheet26
 CB3_CAUDIO     sheet23   AUD5_SPKR         sheet24    FDD5_INDEX*          sheet26
 CB12_VPP       sheet23   AUD3_SAUDIN_MDC   sheet24    FDD5_MTR0*           sheet26
 CB12_VPP       sheet23   CBS3_SPKR         sheet24    FDD3_DS0*            sheet26
 CB3_VCC        sheet23   CHP3_SPKR         sheet24    FDD5_DIR*            sheet26
 CB3_VCC        sheet23   AUD5_SAUDIN       sheet24    FDD5_STEP*           sheet26
 CB3_D2         sheet23   AUD3_MONO_OUT     sheet24    FDD5_WDATA*          sheet26
 CB3_A18        sheet23   BVL3_245          sheet24    FDD5_WGATE*          sheet26
 CB3_D14        sheet23   BVL3_AC97_SDI     sheet24    FDD5_TRK0*           sheet26
 CB3_CVS2       sheet23   AUD5_SPKR         sheet24    FDD5_WP*             sheet26
 CB3_CVS1       sheet23   PORT_LINE_IN_R    sheet24    FDD5_RDATA*          sheet26
 CB3_CTRDY*     sheet23   PORT_LINE_IN_L    sheet24    FDD5_HDSEL*          sheet26
 CB3_CSTSCHG    sheet23   DCK5_LINE_OUT_L   sheet24    FDD5_DSKCHG*         sheet26
 CB3_CSTOP*     sheet23   DCK5_LINE_OUT_R   sheet24    SIO3_DCD1*           sheet26
 CB3_CSERR*     sheet23   AUD5_SAUDIN       sheet24    SIO3_DSR1*           sheet26
 CB3_CRST*      sheet23   AUD3_SPDIF        sheet24    SIO3_RXD1            sheet26
 CB3_CREQ*      sheet23   BVL3_AC97_SYNC    sheet24    SIO3_RTS1*           sheet26
 CB3_CPERR*     sheet23   BVL3_AC97_SDO     sheet24    SIO3_TXD1*           sheet26

SENS P10                                                                         6-41
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name        Sheet     Net Name          Sheet
 SIO3_CTS1*            sheet26    PIO3_SLCTIN*    sheet26   SIO9_TXD          sheet26
 SIO3_DTR1*            sheet26    PIO3_PD(3)      sheet26   SIO9_CTS*         sheet26
 SIO3_RI1*             sheet26    PIO3_PD(4)      sheet26   SIO9_DTR*         sheet26
 FDD5_TRK0*            sheet26    PIO3_PD(5)      sheet26   SIO9_RI*          sheet26
 FDD5_RDATA*           sheet26    PIO3_PD(6)      sheet26   CHP3_IRDETECT#    sheet26
 FDD5_DSKCHG*          sheet26    PIO3_PD(7)      sheet26   LPC3_LAD(0:3)     sheet27
 PIO3_STROBE*          sheet26    PIO3_ACK*       sheet26   KBC3_SCLED*       sheet27
 LPC3_LAD(0:3)         sheet26    PIO3_BUSY       sheet26   KBC3_CAPSLED*     sheet27
 FDD5_INDEX*           sheet26    PIO3_PE         sheet26   KBC3_PWRGD        sheet27
 FDD3_DS0*             sheet26    PIO3_SLCT       sheet26   KBC3_PWRON        sheet27
 FDD5_WP*              sheet26    QPIO5_STROBE*   sheet26   PS25_KCLK         sheet27
 SIO3_DTR1*            sheet26    QPIO5_PD(0)     sheet26   PS25_KDATA        sheet27
 SIO3_RTS1*            sheet26    QPIO5_PD(1)     sheet26   PS25_MCLK         sheet27
 SIO3_TXD1*            sheet26    QPIO5_PD(2)     sheet26   PS25_MDATA        sheet27
 LPC3_LDRQ0*           sheet26    QPIO5_PD(3)     sheet26   PS25_TCLK         sheet27
 KBC3_EXTSMI*          sheet26    QPIO5_PD(4)     sheet26   PS25_TDATA        sheet27
 LPC3_LFRAME*          sheet26    QPIO5_PD(5)     sheet26   KBC3_EXTSMI*      sheet27
 CLK3_SIO14            sheet26    QPIO5_PD(6)     sheet26   KBC3_RUNSCI*      sheet27
 PCI3_RST*             sheet26    QPIO5_PD(7)     sheet26   KBC3_LBLED*       sheet27
 CLK3_PCLKSIO          sheet26    SIO3_TXD1*      sheet26   KBC5_KSO(0:15)    sheet27
 CHP3_SUSSTAT*         sheet26    SIO3_RTS1*      sheet26   KBC5_KSI(0:7)     sheet27
 PCI3_CLKRUN*          sheet26    SIO3_DTR1*      sheet26   BAT3_SMCLKB*      sheet27
 CHP3_SERIRQ           sheet26    SIO9_DTR*       sheet26   BAT3_SMDATAB*     sheet27
 PIO3_PD(0:7)          sheet26    SIO9_TXD        sheet26   KBC3_BATSEL       sheet27
 PIO3_ACK*             sheet26    SIO9_RTS*       sheet26   KBC3_BVLMODE      sheet27
 PIO3_BUSY             sheet26    SIO9_DCD*       sheet26   KBC3_BVLRST#      sheet27
 PIO3_PE               sheet26    SIO9_RI*        sheet26   KBC3_NUMLED*      sheet27
 PIO3_SLCT             sheet26    SIO9_CTS*       sheet26   KBC3_SMDATA*      sheet27
 PIO3_SLCTIN*          sheet26    SIO9_RXD        sheet26   DCK3_DCKIN*       sheet27
 PIO3_ERROR*           sheet26    SIO9_DSR*       sheet26   KBC3_RST*         sheet27
 PIO3_AUTOFD*          sheet26    SIO3_DSR1*      sheet26   CHP3_SLPS3*       sheet27
 PIO3_INIT*            sheet26    SIO3_DCD1*      sheet26   ADAPTOR_IN*       sheet27
 PIO3_STROBE*          sheet26    SIO3_RXD1       sheet26   SMB3_ALERT*       sheet27
 PIO3_AUTOFD*          sheet26    SIO3_CTS1*      sheet26   KBC3_FWHRST*      sheet27
 PIO3_PD(0)            sheet26    SIO3_RI1*       sheet26   KBC3_BKLTON       sheet27
 PIO3_ERROR*           sheet26    SIO9_DCD*       sheet26   KBC3_WLANON       sheet27
 PIO3_PD(1)            sheet26    SIO9_DSR*       sheet26   KBC3_ICHPWR*      sheet27
 PIO3_INIT*            sheet26    SIO9_RXD        sheet26   KBC3_DISCHGOUTA   sheet27
 PIO3_PD(2)            sheet26    SIO9_RTS*       sheet26   KBC3_DISCHGOUTB   sheet27

6-42                                                                          SENS P10
                                                   6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name            Sheet     Net Name         Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 KBC3_DISCHGENA      sheet27   KBC3_FANB_L      sheet27    BVL5_DACK*           sheet28
 KBC3_DISCHGENB      sheet27   BLT3_WAKEUP      sheet27    BVL5_DREQ            sheet28
 KBC3_QS*            sheet27   KBC3_BVLPWON     sheet27    XTALO245             sheet28
 KBC3_CHGENA         sheet27   BVL3_KEY2PLAY#   sheet27    BVL3_INTR#           sheet28
 KBC3_CHGENB         sheet27   KBC3_SMCLK*      sheet27    BVL5_A1              sheet28
 LED3_CHARGE         sheet27   BAT3_SMCLKA*     sheet27    OSC_32               sheet28
 LPC3_LFRAME*        sheet27   BAT3_SMDATAA*    sheet27    KBC3_BVLPWDN#        sheet28
 PCI3_RST*           sheet27   KBC3_BAYPWRON#   sheet27    BVL3_I2CCK2          sheet28
 CLK3_PCLKMICOM      sheet27   KBC3_BVLPWDN#    sheet27    KBC3_BVLWP           sheet28
 CHP3_SERIRQ         sheet27   LID3_SWITCH*     sheet27    KBC3_KEY2PLAY#       sheet28
 KBC3_RSMRST*        sheet27   KBC3_EZ_BTN0#    sheet27    BVL3_KEY0PREV#       sheet28
 KBC3_LAN_PWROK      sheet27   KBC3_EZ_BTN1#    sheet27    BVL3_KEY1NEXT#       sheet28
 KBC3_THERM_SMDATA   sheet27   KBC3_EZ_BTN2#    sheet27    BVL3_CMD             sheet28
 DCK3_DCKDCEN        sheet27   BVL3_KEY0PREV#   sheet27    BVL3_DAT1            sheet28
 KBC3_SUSPWR         sheet27   BVL3_KEY1NEXT#   sheet27    BVL3_DAT2            sheet28
 KBC3_CPURST*        sheet27   KBC3_KEY2PLAY#   sheet27    BVL3_AC97_RST*       sheet28
 KBC3_BATSEL         sheet27   AUD3_SPDIFEN*    sheet27    BVL3_AC97_SYNC       sheet28
 KBC3_SPKMUTE        sheet27   KBC3_BVLWP       sheet27    BVL3_AC97_SDO        sheet28
 KBC3_FANA_H*        sheet27   BVL3_KEY4VLDN#   sheet27    BVL3_AC97_SDI        sheet28
 KBC3_FANB_H         sheet27   BVL3_KEY5VLUP#   sheet27    BVL3_AC97_BCLK       sheet28
 BAT3_VOLTA          sheet27   KBC5_FANB_ON*    sheet27    BVL3_DAT3            sheet28
 BAT3_VOLTB          sheet27   KBC5_FANA_M*     sheet27    BVL3_DAT2            sheet28
 BAT3_TEMPA          sheet27   ADAPTOR_IN*      sheet27    BVL3_DAT1            sheet28
 BAT3_TEMPB          sheet27   AD_SEL           sheet27    BVL3_DAT0            sheet28
 KBC3_BRIT           sheet27   BAT3_CELL6_8*    sheet27    BVL3_CMD             sheet28
 BAT3_CELL6_8*       sheet27   BAT5_SEL         sheet27    CHP3_AC97_BCLK       sheet28
 KBC3_WAKESCI*       sheet27   KBC3_PWRSW*      sheet27    CHP3_AC97_SDO        sheet28
 KBC3_A20G           sheet27   BLT3_DETACH      sheet27    CHP3_AC97_SDI0       sheet28
 PCI3_CLKRUN*        sheet27   BVL3_KEY3STOP#   sheet27    CHP3_AC97_RST*       sheet28
 KBC3_THERM_SMCLK    sheet27   KBC3_FANB_L      sheet27    CHP3_AC97_SYNC       sheet28
 CHP3_SLPS1*         sheet27   KBC3_FANB_H      sheet27    BVL3_AC97_SYNC       sheet28
 CHP3_SUSSTAT*       sheet27   BVL5_IORDY       sheet28    BVL3_AC97_SDO        sheet28
 CHP3_SLPS5*         sheet27   BVL5_D(0:15)     sheet28    BVL3_AC97_RST*       sheet28
 KBC3_PWRSW*         sheet27   BVL5_CS1*        sheet28    BVL3_DAT0            sheet28
 KBC3_SMDATA*        sheet27   BVL5_CS3*        sheet28    BVL3_DAT3            sheet28
 KBC3_SMCLK*         sheet27   BVL5_A0          sheet28    KBC3_PWRON           sheet28
 BVL3_CDIN#          sheet27   BVL5_A2          sheet28    BVL5_CDRST#          sheet28
 BVL3_INTR#          sheet27   BVL5_IOR*        sheet28    BVL5_IRQ             sheet28
 KBC3_BR_DIS         sheet27   BVL5_IOW*        sheet28    BVL3_CLK             sheet28

SENS P10                                                                             6-43
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name         Sheet     Net Name       Sheet
 BVL3_I2CCK2           sheet28    BVL5_IOR*        sheet29   HDD5_DREQ      sheet29
 BVL3_I2CCK2           sheet28    BVL5_IRQ         sheet29   HDD5_IOW*      sheet29
 BVL3_I2CDA2           sheet28    BVL5_A1          sheet29   HDD5_IOR*      sheet29
 BVL3_I2CDA2           sheet28    BVL5_A0          sheet29   HDD5_DACK*     sheet29
 BVL3_I2CDA2           sheet28    BVL5_CS1*        sheet29   ISA3_IRQ(14)   sheet29
 KBC3_BVLRST#          sheet28    BVL5_DREQ        sheet29   HDD5_A1        sheet29
 CDD5_A2               sheet28    BVL5_DACK*       sheet29   HDD5_A0        sheet29
 CDD5_CS3*             sheet28    BVL5_D(8:15)     sheet29   HDD5_CS1*      sheet29
 CDD5_DREQ             sheet28    FDD5_HDSEL*      sheet29   HDD5_LED*      sheet29
 CDD5_IORDY            sheet28    FDD3_DS0*        sheet29   HDD5_IORDY     sheet29
 CDD5_DACK*            sheet28    FDD5_DSKCHG*     sheet29   CHP3_HDDRST*   sheet29
 CHP3_CDRST#           sheet28    FDD5_INDEX*      sheet29   HDD5_D(0:15)   sheet29
 CDD5_IOW*             sheet28    FDD5_J3MODE      sheet29   HDD5_CS3*      sheet29
 CDD5_IOR*             sheet28    FDD5_STEP*       sheet29   HDD5_A2        sheet29
 CDD5_A1               sheet28    FDD5_WDATA*      sheet29   HDD5_D(0:15)   sheet29
 CDD5_A0               sheet28    FDD5_WGATE*      sheet29   HDD5_D(7)      sheet29
 CDD5_D(0:15)          sheet28    FDD5_TRK0*       sheet29   CDD3_LED*      sheet29
 CDD5_D(0:15)          sheet28    FDD5_WP*         sheet29   BVL5_D(0:15)   sheet29
 CDD5_CS1*             sheet28    FDD5_RDATA*      sheet29   BVL5_IOW*      sheet29
 MODE_SEL              sheet28    FDD5_DIR*        sheet29   CDD5_IOW*      sheet29
 BVL3_KEY5VLUP#        sheet28    CDD5_QLED*       sheet29   BVL5_DREQ      sheet29
 BVL3_KEY6MODE#        sheet28    FDD5_MTR0*       sheet29   CDD5_DREQ      sheet29
 BVL3_KEY6MODE#        sheet28    SWP3_ID1         sheet29   BVL5_CDRST#    sheet29
 BVL3_KEY0PREV#        sheet28    SWP3_ID2         sheet29   CHP3_CDRST#    sheet29
 BVL3_KEY1NEXT#        sheet28    CHP3_SWAPIN*     sheet29   BVL5_IRQ       sheet29
 KBC3_SMCLK*           sheet28    HDD5_LED*        sheet29   CDD5_IRQ(15)   sheet29
 KBC3_SMDATA*          sheet28    CD5_COM          sheet29   BVL5_DACK*     sheet29
 KBC3_BVLMODE          sheet28    CD5_R            sheet29   CDD5_DACK*     sheet29
 CDD5_IRQ(15)          sheet28    SWP3_ID0         sheet29   BVL5_IORDY     sheet29
 BVL3_KEY3STOP#        sheet28    BVL5_IORDY       sheet29   CDD5_IORDY     sheet29
 SMB3_CLK              sheet28    CHP3_CDBUFEN*    sheet29   BVL5_IOR*      sheet29
 SMB3_DATA             sheet28    ISA3_IRQ(15)     sheet29   CDD5_IOR*      sheet29
 BVL3_245              sheet28    BVL5_D(7)        sheet29   BVL5_CS3*      sheet29
 BVL3_KEY4VLDN#        sheet28    KBC3_BAYPWRON#   sheet29   CDD5_CS3*      sheet29
 HDD3_LED*             sheet29    BVL3_CDIN#       sheet29   BVL5_CS1*      sheet29
 BVL5_IOW*             sheet29    CDD5_IRQ(15)     sheet29   CDD5_CS1*      sheet29
 BVL5_D(0:7)           sheet29    CD5_L            sheet29   BVL5_A2        sheet29
 BVL5_A2               sheet29    CDD5_QLED*       sheet29   CDD5_A2        sheet29
 BVL5_CS3*             sheet29    BVL5_CDRST#      sheet29   BVL5_A0        sheet29

6-44                                                                        SENS P10
                                                 6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name          Sheet     Net Name         Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 CDD5_A0           sheet29   PCI3_AD(23)      sheet31    DCK5_LINE_OUT_L      sheet31
 CDD5_A1           sheet29   PCI3_DEVSEL*     sheet31    PORT_LINE_IN_L       sheet31
 BVL5_A1           sheet29   PCI3_GNT2*       sheet31    PORT_LINE_IN_R       sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SYNC    sheet29   CHP3_PME*        sheet31    DCK5_LINE_OUT_R      sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SDI0    sheet29   PCI3_FRAME*      sheet31    VGA3_Y               sheet31
 BVL3_AC97_SDI     sheet29   PCI3_TRDY*       sheet31    VGA5_VSYNC           sheet31
 BVL3_AC97_SDO     sheet29   PCI3_STOP*       sheet31    VGA5_HSYNC           sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_BCLK    sheet29   PCI3_CBE0*       sheet31    QPIO5_PD(0)          sheet31
 BVL3_AC97_BCLK    sheet29   PCI3_RST*        sheet31    QPIO5_PD(1)          sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SDO     sheet29   PCI3_INTA*       sheet31    QPIO5_PD(2)          sheet31
 BVL3_AC97_SYNC    sheet29   PCI3_PAR         sheet31    QPIO5_PD(3)          sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_RST*    sheet29   KBC3_WLANON      sheet31    USB5_PWR1            sheet31
 BVL3_AC97_RST*    sheet29   PCI3_CLKRUN*     sheet31    QPIO5_PD(4)          sheet31
 CDD5_D(0:15)      sheet29   PCI3_PERR*       sheet31    QPIO5_PD(5)          sheet31
 CDD5_D(0:15)      sheet29   CLK3_PCLKMIN     sheet31    QPIO5_PD(6)          sheet31
 CHP3_BAYPWRON#    sheet29   PCI3_INTB*       sheet31    QPIO5_PD(7)          sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SYNC    sheet30   PCI3_CBE3*       sheet31    SIO9_DSR*            sheet31
 AUD3_SAUDIN_MDC   sheet30   PCI3_CBE1*       sheet31    SIO9_RTS*            sheet31
 LAN3_SPDLED#      sheet30   PCI3_SERR*       sheet31    SIO9_CTS*            sheet31
 LAN3_PHYCLK       sheet30   PCI3_REQ2*       sheet31    SIO9_RI*             sheet31
 LAN3_TXD0         sheet30   PCI3_IRDY*       sheet31    VGA3_COMP            sheet31
 LAN3_TXD1         sheet30   PCI3_CBE2*       sheet31    DOCK_DC              sheet31
 LAN3_TXD2         sheet30   PCI3_AD(0:31)    sheet31    DCK3_DCKDCEN         sheet31
 LAN3_PHYRST       sheet30   QPIO5_STROBE*    sheet31    DCK3_DCKDCEN         sheet31
 LAN3_RXD0         sheet30   PIO3_ERROR*      sheet31    LAN3_SPDLED#         sheet31
 LAN3_RXD1         sheet30   PIO3_SLCTIN*     sheet31    LAN3_LILED#          sheet31
 LAN3_RXD2         sheet30   PIO3_BUSY        sheet31    LAN3_ACTLED#         sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_BCLK    sheet30   PIO3_SLCT        sheet31    VGA3_C               sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SDO     sheet30   PIO3_AUTOFD*     sheet31    LAN5_TD+             sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_RST*    sheet30   PIO3_INIT*       sheet31    LAN5_RD+             sheet31
 LAN3_LILED#       sheet30   PIO3_ACK*        sheet31    LAN5_TD-             sheet31
 LAN3_ACTLED#      sheet30   PIO3_PE          sheet31    LAN5_RD-             sheet31
 AUD3_MONO_OUT     sheet30   VGA5_DDCC        sheet31    1394_TPB-            sheet31
 CHP3_AC97_SDI1    sheet30   VGA5_DDCD        sheet31    1394_TPB+            sheet31
 LAN5_RD-          sheet30   VGA3_RED         sheet31    1394_TPA-            sheet31
 LAN5_TD-          sheet30   VGA3_BLUE        sheet31    1394_TPA+            sheet31
 LAN5_RD+          sheet30   VGA3_GREEN       sheet31    PS25_MCLK            sheet31
 LAN5_TD+          sheet30   DCK3_DCKIN*      sheet31    PS25_MDATA           sheet31
 DCK3_DCKIN*       sheet30   PORT_HP_PLUGIN   sheet31    PS25_KCLK            sheet31

SENS P10                                                                           6-45
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name         Sheet     Net Name         Sheet
 PS25_KDATA            sheet31    QPIO5_STROBE*    sheet32   PS25_TDATA       sheet32
 USB3_P1-              sheet31    PIO3_AUTOFD*     sheet32   PCORE            sheet32
 USB3_P1+              sheet31    QPIO5_PD(0)      sheet32   CORE_PWRGD       sheet32
 PORT_MIC              sheet31    KBC3_EZ_BTN0#    sheet32   CHP3_DPRSLPVR    sheet32
 AUD3_SPDIF            sheet31    AUD5_INTMIC      sheet32   P3.3V_AUX        sheet32
 KBC3_SPKMUTE          sheet31    KBC3_COREON      sheet32   P1.5V            sheet32
 SIO9_DCD*             sheet31    BVL3_KEY5VLUP#   sheet32   KBC3_BVLPWON     sheet32
 SIO9_RXD              sheet31    BVL3_KEY4VLDN#   sheet32   PS25_KDATA       sheet32
 SIO9_TXD              sheet31    CHP3_CPUSTP*     sheet32   PS25_KCLK        sheet32
 SIO9_DTR*             sheet31    KBC3_PWRON       sheet32   DOCK_DC          sheet32
 USB3_P0-              sheet31    KBC3_SUSPWR      sheet32   PIO3_ACK*        sheet32
 USB3_P0+              sheet31    GCL3_VID(4)      sheet32   PIO3_BUSY        sheet32
 USB5_PWR0             sheet31    GCL3_VID(3)      sheet32   PIO3_PE          sheet32
 VGA3_TX0N             sheet31    GCL3_VID(2)      sheet32   PIO3_SLCT        sheet32
 VGA3_TX0P             sheet31    GCL3_VID(1)      sheet32   BVL3_KEY3STOP#   sheet32
 VGA3_TX1N             sheet31    P1.8V_AUX        sheet32   BVL3_KEY2PLAY#   sheet32
 VGA3_TX1P             sheet31    GCL3_VID(0)      sheet32   BVL3_KEY1NEXT#   sheet32
 VGA3_TX2N             sheet31    P1.5V            sheet32   BVL3_KEY0PREV#   sheet32
 VGA3_TX2P             sheet31    KBC3_EZ_BTN1#    sheet32   PCORE_SENSE-     sheet32
 VGA3_TXCN             sheet31    KBC3_EZ_BTN2#    sheet32   PCORE            sheet32
 VGA3_TXCP             sheet31    USB3_P2+         sheet32   P3.3V_AUX        sheet32
 VGA5_DVICLK           sheet31    BVL3_I2CCK2      sheet32   P1.8V_AUX        sheet32
 VGA5_DVIDATA          sheet31    CHP3_USBPWR2*    sheet32   PCORE_SENSE+     sheet32
 VGA3_CHARGE_POW       sheet31    BVL3_I2CDA2      sheet32   VDC              sheet32
 HDD3_LED*             sheet32    BVL3_DAT0        sheet32   VDC              sheet32
 FDD3_DS0*             sheet32    BVL3_DAT1        sheet32   KBC3_SCLED*      sheet32
 CDD3_LED*             sheet32    LED5_AMBER       sheet32   KBC3_CAPSLED*    sheet32
 KBC3_PWRSW*           sheet32    LED5_GREEN       sheet32   KBC3_NUMLED*     sheet32
 LID3_SWITCH*          sheet32    KBC3_LBLED       sheet32   USB3_P3-         sheet32
 PIO3_ERROR*           sheet32    PS25_MCLK        sheet32   USB3_P3+         sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(1)           sheet32    PS25_MDATA       sheet32   BLT3_WAKEUP      sheet32
 PIO3_INIT*            sheet32    VGA3_Y           sheet32   BLT3_DETACH      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(2)           sheet32    VGA3_C           sheet32   KBC5_KSO(0)      sheet32
 PIO3_SLCTIN*          sheet32    1394_0TPB-       sheet32   KBC5_KSI(0)      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(3)           sheet32    1394_0TPB+       sheet32   KBC5_KSO(1)      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(4)           sheet32    1394_0TPA-       sheet32   KBC5_KSO(2)      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(5)           sheet32    1394_0TPA+       sheet32   KBC5_KSO(3)      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(6)           sheet32    USB3_P2-         sheet32   KBC5_KSO(4)      sheet32
 QPIO5_PD(7)           sheet32    PS25_TCLK        sheet32   KBC5_KSI(1)      sheet32

6-46                                                                          SENS P10
                                              6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name        Sheet     Net Name        Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 KBC5_KSI(2)     sheet32   LED5_AMBER      sheet33    BAT3_VOLTA           sheet36
 KBC5_KSI(3)     sheet32   LED3_CHARGE     sheet33    KBC3_CHGENA          sheet36
 KBC5_KSI(4)     sheet32   DOCK_DC         sheet33    BAT3_TEMPA           sheet36
 KBC5_KSI(5)     sheet32   AD_SEL          sheet33    BAT3_SMDATAA*        sheet36
 KBC5_KSI(6)     sheet32   KBC3_LBLED*     sheet33    BAT3_SMCLKA*         sheet36
 KBC5_KSI(7)     sheet32   KBC3_LBLED      sheet33    AD_SEL               sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(12)    sheet32   P5V_ALWAYS      sheet34    MICOM_P3V            sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(13)    sheet32   P2.5V_AUX       sheet34    KBC3_DISCHGOUTA      sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(14)    sheet32   VDC             sheet34    KBC3_DISCHGENA       sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(15)    sheet32   KBC3_SUSPWR     sheet34    DOCK_DC              sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(8)     sheet32   P2.5V_AUX       sheet34    BAT3_TEMPB           sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(9)     sheet32   KBC3_PWRON      sheet34    BAT3_SMDATAB*        sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(10)    sheet32   VDC             sheet34    BAT3_SMCLKB*         sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(11)    sheet32   P5V_ALWAYS      sheet34    BATT_DIS             sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(7)     sheet32   P5V_ALWAYS      sheet34    KBC3_DISCHGENB       sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(6)     sheet32   P3.3V_AUX       sheet34    KBC3_DISCHGOUTB      sheet36
 KBC5_KSO(5)     sheet32   VGA_CORE        sheet34    BAT3_VOLTB           sheet36
 AUD5_SPK_L+     sheet32   KBC3_PWRON      sheet34    KBC3_CHGENB          sheet36
 AUD5_SPK_L-     sheet32   AGP3_GPIO(15)   sheet34    MICOM_VDC            sheet36
 AUD5_SPK_R+     sheet32   KBC3_PWRON*     sheet35    MICOM_P3V            sheet36
 AUD5_SPK_R-     sheet32   KBC3_PWRON      sheet35    MICOM_P3V            sheet36
 VDC             sheet33   VDC             sheet35    BAT5_SEL             sheet36
 IVT_VDC         sheet33   MICOM_VDC       sheet35    BAT5_SEL             sheet36
 KBC3_PWRON      sheet33   MICOM_P3V       sheet35    BATT_DIS             sheet36
 DOCK_DC         sheet33   KBC3_RST*       sheet35    CB3_VCCD0*           sheet37
 USB5_PWR0       sheet33   KBC3_PWRON      sheet35    CB3_VCCD1*           sheet37
 USB5_PWR0       sheet33   KBC3_PWRON*     sheet35    CDD5_D(10)           sheet37
 USB5_PWR0       sheet33   KBC3_PWRON      sheet35    CDD5_D(11)           sheet37
 USB5_PWR1       sheet33   VID_PWRGD       sheet35    CDD5_D(12)           sheet37
 USB5_PWR1       sheet33   KBC3_PWRON      sheet35    CDD5_D(13)           sheet37
 USB3_OC1*       sheet33   BVL_P5V         sheet35    CDD5_D(14)           sheet37
 CHP3_USBPWR0*   sheet33   BVL_P3V         sheet35    CDD5_D(15)           sheet37
 CHP3_USBPWR1*   sheet33   KBC3_BVLPWON    sheet35    CDD5_DACK*           sheet37
 USB3_OC0*       sheet33   VDC             sheet35    CDD5_IORDY           sheet37
 USB3_P0-        sheet33   KBC3_BR_DIS     sheet35    CHP3_VBIAS           sheet37
 USB3_P0+        sheet33   DOCK_DC         sheet35    CLK0_HCLK0           sheet37
 USB3_P1-        sheet33   VDC             sheet36    CLK0_HCLK1           sheet37
 USB3_P1+        sheet33   DOCK_DC         sheet36    CLK2_MCLK0           sheet37
 LED5_GREEN      sheet33   KBC3_QS*        sheet36    CLK2_MCLK1           sheet37

SENS P10                                                                        6-47
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name     Sheet     Net Name     Sheet
 CLK2_MCLK2            sheet37    CPU1_INIT*   sheet37   MEM2_CB(6)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK3            sheet37    CPU1_LOCK*   sheet37   MEM2_CB(7)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK4            sheet37    CPU1_TRDY*   sheet37   MEM2_CSA0*   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK5            sheet37    CPU3_BSEL0   sheet37   MEM2_CSA1*   sheet37
 CLK3_AGP66            sheet37    CPU3_BSEL1   sheet37   MEM2_CSA2*   sheet37
 CLK3_ICH14            sheet37    FDD5_MTR0*   sheet37   MEM2_CSA3*   sheet37
 CLK3_ICH48            sheet37    FDD5_STEP*   sheet37   MEM2_MD(0)   sheet37
 CLK3_ICH66            sheet37    FDD5_TRK0*   sheet37   MEM2_MD(1)   sheet37
 CLK3_MCH66            sheet37    HDD5_D(10)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(2)   sheet37
 CLK3_SIO14            sheet37    HDD5_D(11)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(3)   sheet37
 CORE_PWRGD            sheet37    HDD5_D(12)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(4)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(3)            sheet37    HDD5_D(13)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(5)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(4)            sheet37    HDD5_D(14)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(6)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(5)            sheet37    HDD5_D(15)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(7)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(6)            sheet37    HDD5_DACK*   sheet37   MEM2_MD(8)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(7)            sheet37    HDD5_IORDY   sheet37   MEM2_MD(9)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(8)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(0)   sheet37   MEM2_SWEA*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(9)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(1)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(0)   sheet37
 CPU1_A20M*            sheet37    HUB1_HL(2)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(1)   sheet37
 CPU1_BPRI*            sheet37    HUB1_HL(3)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(2)   sheet37
 CPU1_BREQ*            sheet37    HUB1_HL(4)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(3)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(0)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(5)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(4)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(1)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(6)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(5)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(2)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(7)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(6)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(3)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(8)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(7)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(4)            sheet37    HUB1_HL(9)   sheet37   PCI3_AD(8)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(5)            sheet37    HUB_VSWING   sheet37   PCI3_AD(9)   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(6)            sheet37    KBC3_BVLWP   sheet37   PCI3_CBE0*   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(7)            sheet37    KBC3_LBLED   sheet37   PCI3_CBE1*   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(8)            sheet37    KBC3_PWRGD   sheet37   PCI3_CBE2*   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(9)            sheet37    KBC3_PWRON   sheet37   PCI3_CBE3*   sheet37
 CPU1_DBI0*            sheet37    LED5_AMBER   sheet37   PCI3_GNT0*   sheet37
 CPU1_DBI1*            sheet37    LED5_GREEN   sheet37   PCI3_GNT1*   sheet37
 CPU1_DBI2*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(0)   sheet37   PCI3_GNT2*   sheet37
 CPU1_DBI3*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(1)   sheet37   PCI3_GNT3*   sheet37
 CPU1_DBSY*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(2)   sheet37   PCI3_GNT4*   sheet37
 CPU1_DRDY*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(3)   sheet37   PCI3_INTA*   sheet37
 CPU1_FERR*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(4)   sheet37   PCI3_INTB*   sheet37
 CPU1_HITM*            sheet37    MEM2_CB(5)   sheet37   PCI3_INTC*   sheet37

6-48                                                                  SENS P10
                                         6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name     Sheet     Net Name      Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 PCI3_INTD*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(4)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(0)          sheet37
 PCI3_IRDY*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(5)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(1)          sheet37
 PCI3_PERR*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(6)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(2)          sheet37
 PCI3_REQ0*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(7)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(3)          sheet37
 PCI3_REQ1*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(8)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(4)          sheet37
 PCI3_REQ2*   sheet37   VGA3_MA(9)    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(5)          sheet37
 PCI3_REQ3*   sheet37   VGA3_MCLK0    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(6)          sheet37
 PCI3_REQ4*   sheet37   VGA3_MCLK1    sheet37    AGP1_SBA(7)          sheet37
 PCI3_RSTF*   sheet37   VGA3_MD(0)    sheet37    AGP1_SBSTB*          sheet37
 PCI3_SERR*   sheet37   VGA3_MD(1)    sheet37    AUD5_SAUDIN          sheet37
 PCI3_STOP*   sheet37   VGA3_MD(2)    sheet37    AUD5_SPK_L+          sheet37
 PCI3_TRDY*   sheet37   VGA3_MD(3)    sheet37    AUD5_SPK_L-          sheet37
 PIO3_INIT*   sheet37   VGA3_MD(4)    sheet37    AUD5_SPK_R+          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(0)   sheet37   VGA3_MD(5)    sheet37    AUD5_SPK_R-          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(1)   sheet37   VGA3_MD(6)    sheet37    BVL5_CDRST#          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(2)   sheet37   VGA3_MD(7)    sheet37    CB3_CAD(10)          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(3)   sheet37   VGA3_MD(8)    sheet37    CB3_CAD(11)          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(4)   sheet37   VGA3_MD(9)    sheet37    CB3_CAD(12)          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(5)   sheet37   VGA3_SSOUT    sheet37    CB3_CAD(13)          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(6)   sheet37   VGA3_VSYNC    sheet37    CB3_CAD(14)          sheet37
 PIO3_PD(7)   sheet37   VGA5_HSYNC    sheet37    CB3_CAD(15)          sheet37
 PS25_KDATA   sheet37   VGA5_VSYNC    sheet37    CB3_CAD(16)          sheet37
 PS25_MDATA   sheet37   VRM3_PWRGD    sheet37    CB3_CAD(17)          sheet37
 SIO3_CTS1*   sheet37   ADAPTOR_IN*   sheet37    CB3_CAD(18)          sheet37
 SIO3_DCD1*   sheet37   AGP1_ADSTB0   sheet37    CB3_CAD(19)          sheet37
 SIO3_DSR1*   sheet37   AGP1_ADSTB1   sheet37    CB3_CAD(20)          sheet37
 SIO3_DTR1*   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(0)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(21)          sheet37
 SIO3_RTS1*   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(1)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(22)          sheet37
 SIO3_TXD1*   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(2)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(23)          sheet37
 VGA3_ACLK+   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(3)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(24)          sheet37
 VGA3_ACLK-   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(4)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(25)          sheet37
 VGA3_BCLK+   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(5)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(26)          sheet37
 VGA3_BCLK-   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(6)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(27)          sheet37
 VGA3_GREEN   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(7)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(28)          sheet37
 VGA3_HSYNC   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(8)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(29)          sheet37
 VGA3_MA(0)   sheet37   AGP1_GAD(9)   sheet37    CB3_CAD(30)          sheet37
 VGA3_MA(1)   sheet37   AGP1_GIRDY*   sheet37    CB3_CAD(31)          sheet37
 VGA3_MA(2)   sheet37   AGP1_GSTOP*   sheet37    CB3_CFRAME*          sheet37
 VGA3_MA(3)   sheet37   AGP1_GTRDY*   sheet37    CB3_CSTSCHG          sheet37

SENS P10                                                                   6-49
6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name              Sheet      Net Name      Sheet     Net Name      Sheet
 CHP3_CDRST#           sheet37    CPU1_D*(12)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(51)   sheet37
 CHP3_OVERT*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(13)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(52)   sheet37
 CHP3_SERIRQ           sheet37    CPU1_D*(14)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(53)   sheet37
 CHP3_SLPS1*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(15)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(54)   sheet37
 CHP3_SLPS3*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(16)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(55)   sheet37
 CHP3_SLPS5*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(17)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(56)   sheet37
 CLK0_HCLK0*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(18)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(57)   sheet37
 CLK0_HCLK1*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(19)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(58)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK0*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(20)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(59)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK1*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(21)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(60)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK2*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(22)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(61)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK3*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(23)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(62)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK4*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(24)   sheet37   CPU1_D*(63)   sheet37
 CLK2_MCLK5*           sheet37    CPU1_D*(25)   sheet37   CPU1_DEFER*   sheet37
 CLK3_PCLKCB           sheet37    CPU1_D*(26)   sheet37   CPU1_DPSLP*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(10)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(27)   sheet37   CPU1_IGNNE*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(11)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(28)   sheet37   CPU3_VID(0)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(12)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(29)   sheet37   CPU3_VID(1)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(13)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(30)   sheet37   CPU3_VID(2)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(14)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(31)   sheet37   CPU3_VID(3)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(15)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(32)   sheet37   CPU3_VID(4)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(16)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(33)   sheet37   CPU_GTLREF0   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(17)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(34)   sheet37   CPU_GTLREF1   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(18)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(35)   sheet37   DCK3_DCKIN*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(19)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(36)   sheet37   FDD5_HDSEL*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(20)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(37)   sheet37   FDD5_INDEX*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(21)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(38)   sheet37   FDD5_J3MODE   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(22)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(39)   sheet37   FDD5_RDATA*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(23)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(40)   sheet37   FDD5_WDATA*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(24)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(41)   sheet37   FDD5_WGATE*   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(25)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(42)   sheet37   GCL3_VID(0)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(26)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(43)   sheet37   GCL3_VID(1)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(27)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(44)   sheet37   GCL3_VID(2)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(28)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(45)   sheet37   GCL3_VID(3)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(29)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(46)   sheet37   GCL3_VID(4)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(30)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(47)   sheet37   HUB1_HL(10)   sheet37
 CPU1_A*(31)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(48)   sheet37   HUB_REF_MCH   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(10)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(49)   sheet37   KBC3_BATSEL   sheet37
 CPU1_D*(11)           sheet37    CPU1_D*(50)   sheet37   KBC3_BKLTON   sheet37

6-50                                                                    SENS P10
                                          6 Schematic Diagrams and PCB Silkscreen

 Net Name      Sheet     Net Name      Sheet      Net Name             Sheet
 KBC3_BR_DIS   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(1)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(31)          sheet37
 KBC3_CHGENA   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(2)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(32)          sheet37
 KBC3_CHGENB   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(3)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(33)          sheet37
 KBC3_COREON   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(4)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(34)          sheet37
 KBC3_FANB_H   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(5)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(35)          sheet37
 KBC3_FANB_L   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(6)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(36)          sheet37
 KBC3_PWRSW*   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(7)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(37)          sheet37
 KBC3_SCLED*   sheet37   MEM2_DQS(8)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(38)          sheet37
 KBC3_SMCLK*   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(0)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(39)          sheet37
 KBC3_SUSPWR   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(1)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(40)          sheet37
 KBC3_WLANON   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(2)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(41)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(0)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(3)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(42)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(1)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(4)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(43)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(2)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(5)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(44)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(3)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(6)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(45)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(4)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(7)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(46)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(5)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(8)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(47)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(6)   sheet37   MEM2_MAA(9)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(48)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSI(7)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(10)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(49)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSO(0)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(11)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(50)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSO(1)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(12)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(51)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSO(2)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(13)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(52)          sheet37
 KBC5_KSO(3)   sheet37   MEM2_MD(14)   sheet37    MEM2_MD(53)

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