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CHAP5 M785_Service_Manual

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                    Maintenance & Disassembly

                    5.1     Introduction
                    This section contains preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for the M785
                    notebook. The first part of the section describes the computer cleaning procedures and
                    preferred handling procedures for sensitive components (e.g. disk drives, LCD, CPU,

                    The second part of the chapter identifies all field replaceable parts with the remainder
                    explaining the removal and replacement procedures for the field replaceable parts.

                    5.2     Preventive Maintenance
                    Preventive maintenance is limited to cleaning the plastic case, the keyboard, and the display
                    screen and cleaning the floppy drive heads as required.

                    5.2.1     Cleaning the Computer
                    When it is necessary to clean the plastic case and keyboard, use a soft lint-free cloth, slightly
                    dampened with a mild detergent solution, or use the contents of any commercially available
                    computer cleaning kit.

                    i       Never use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents, or harsh detergents to clean the
                            notebook. Also, do not spray any liquids directly on the computer case,
                            keyboard, or screen. If the liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen has become
                            smeared or dusty, clean the screen by first applying a mild glass cleaner to a
                            soft, clean, lint-free cloth, and gently wipe the glass. Never apply liquids directly
                            on the screen surface. Moreover, do not use paper towels to clean the display
                            screen. Paper can scratch the display screen matte.

                    5.2.2     Protecting the Disk Drives
                    To protect the disk drives and data, back up the system disk periodically on floppy diskettes.
                    Periodically use a head-cleaning diskette in the floppy diskette drive to prolong the life of the
                    drive and to help maintain data integrity.

                    5.2.3     Maintaining the LCD Quality
                    When it comes to screen problems, heat plays a big part. After a good working session, the
                    typical routine is to shut the machine and close the cover. But the display surface - no matter
                    what type it is - and the components inside the computer radiates heat; when you close the
                    cover, you trap the heat against the screen. Leave the computer's cover open for about ten
                    minutes while the heat disperses. Make this a habit.

                    FIC M785 Service Manual                                                                         5-1

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                                   Maintenance & Disassembly

              5.2.4       Maintaining the Hard Disk Drive
              The hard disk drive is one of the most common parts that always gets problem. Here is some
              preventive maintenance that you can do when handling the hard disk.


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