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Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers

     Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers
            This text is directly taken from the Wurlitzer 200 Service Manual notes.

                                       Electronic Piano Note #23
                                            April 15th, 1971

                                         200 Series Amplifiers

    1.   Dead Amplifier (Pilot light does not light)             A
    2. Blows line fuse                                           B, C, D
    3.   Blows output transistors                                J, L, M, N, O, P - See Note #1
    4.   Distortion                                              D, E, S
    5. Low Volume                                                E, S
    6.   Static                                                  E, F, H, I, J, K, T
    7.   Hiss and noise (can control with volume control)        E, F, H, I, J, K, T
    8.   Hiss & noise (cannot control with volume control) C, I, J, K, U
    9. Hum                                                       C, E, F
    10. Tremelo dead                                             Q, R

A. AC line fuse open
B. Shorted rectifiers D-2, D-3
C. C-6
D. Shorted output transistors
E. Cracks or poor solder joints on PC board
F. Poor ground on input cable
G. TR-1 (use GE style 11-0778 or 651891 yellow or green)
H. R-40, R-36, R-45, R-66 (replace with deposited carbon)
I. R-14, R-7, R-8
J. C-9
K. C-18 too close to R-14
L. R-14 (noisy)
M. R-10 high in value
N. D-4
O. Burr on heat sink puncturing mica washer
P. Use one mica under output and driver transistors with heat sink compound on both sides
Q. TR-4
R. C-53, C-46, D-5
S. Open or shorted coupling capacitors
T. Reed striking pickup
U. TR-5, TR-6                                                              Page 1
Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers

  Note #1. Inspect C, J, L and follow P prior to turning piano on after replacement of output

                                    ELECTRONIC PIANO 200A

 Before ordering a new AC power cord for a model 200A, check to see which type of pins is
 used in the receptacle of your piano. Recently, a new connector has been introduced which
    features rectangular shaped pins rather than the traditional, round ones. Including the
 description "round pins" or "square pins" on your parts order will insure the proper type of
                                        cord to be sent.

Model: 200, 203, 206, 207
Subject: Failure Output Transistors
References: Schematic - Piano Amplifier (11-0783)

When called upon to change output transistors in the Electronic Piano, check the following
items to ensure they are in good functioning order. Check for the following:

                            C-6    1000 mfd. 50 VDC            Intermittent
                            C-9    500 mfd.     50 VDC         Intermittent
                            R-14 200 mfd.       5 watt resistor Noise
                            R-8    .68 ohms 5 watt resistor Noise
                            R-7    200 ohms 5 watt resistor Noise
                            R-10 2.7 ohms 1 watt resistor Open

MODEL: 200 Series Electronic Pianos
Subject: Connecting external amplifiers
Reference: 200 Series amplifier Schematic No. 11-1305-S-1

The most satisfactory point to obtain a signal for driving an external amplifier is at the
auxiliary output jack. As the piano is wired, this signal is taken from point 7 (signal) and
point 1 (ground). It has been noted that in some cases this circuit does not supply sufficient
drive signal to the external amplifier input. In other cases a hum is introduced into the
external amplifier. The following circuit has been found to correct these conditions. Change
the 100K resistor between points 6 and 7 to a 6.8K and the 15K resistor between points 1 and
7 to a 2.2K. The maximum signal is approximately .5 volts peak to peak. If there is no D.C.
voltage at the external amplifier input, a cleaner drive signal can be obtained by removing the
5MFD capacitor between pins 5 and 6 and replacing it with a jumper wire.                                                          Page 2
Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers

Model: 203-203W, 214
Subject: Baffle Board Wiring

If you should encounter a piano which has apparent low volume, check speaker wiring to
ensure they are all in phase. The orange wires should be connected to the speaker terminal
with the color dot. The black wires to the unmarked speaker terminals.                                                        Page 3
Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers

The 200 series seems to be the most popular model amongst collectors and players alike.
 It's the latest of the reed-based pianos, the lightest in weight, and probably has the best
action and sound amplification of all the models. I won't dwell on this aspect much,
since it's merely opinion.

According to the schematic dates of the 200 series, they were being made in 1981 (200-B)
and beyond. Below is an excerpt transcribed from the original manual.

                  MODEL 200, 200A (PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE)
Keyboard Range                                                64 Notes, A-13 thru C-76
Height (From Floor to Keys With Legs)                                  28 5/8"
Height of Case (Less Legs)                                              7 1/8"
Height (From Floor to Top of Case, Not
including Music Panel)
Overall Width                                                            40"
Overall Depth                                                         18 9/16"
Weight (Less Legs and Pedal)                                           56 lbs.
                                                      Removable chrome plated steel legs, two of
                                                            which have leveling glides.

            MODELS 203, 203W, 206, 207, 207V, 214, 214V, 215V & 270
The Models 203 and 203W are home consoles. For Group Piano Instruction, the Model
206 is the student console and the Models 205V, 207 and 207V are teacher's consoles.
The Models 214, 214V and 215V are classroom consoles. The Models 207V and 214V
have the switches, wiring and plugs installed for use with the Model 208 Key/Note
Visualizer. The Models 205V and 215V are similarly equipped to operate the V-500
key/Note Visualizer. The Model 270 is a Butterfly grand using similar internal
assemblies as the model 200.
    Keyboard Range                                                   64 Notes, A-13 thru C-76
    Height (From Floor to Top of Keys)                                           28 5/8"
    Height (From Floor to Top of Keys) Model 270                                 27 1/4"
    Overall Height (Not including Music Panel or Casters)                        32 7/8"
    Overall Height (Not including Music Panel) Model 270                           34"
    Overall Width                                                                  40"
    Overall Width Model 270                                                        41"
    Overall Depth                                                                18 9/16"
    Overall Depth Model 270                                                      37 1/2"
    Weight Model 270                                                      Approx. 150 lbs.                                                               Page 4
Troubleshooting the Wurlitzer 200 Series Amplifiers

    Weight (With Legs and Lyre) Model 270                               160 lbs.

            Note: The following Information applies to all Models Except as Noted.



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